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CDL Hazmat

After earning a Class A, B, or C commercial driver’s license (CDL), drivers may also need to pass further written and road driving tests to operate special types of commercial motor vehicles. One of the several endorsements that a driver should pass is HAZMAT endorsement to be able to drive vehicles containing hazardous materials. The CDL HAZMAT endorsement consists of two separate endorsements:

  1. Class H (Hazardous Materials) – Required for transporting hazardous materials, such as flammable and combustible liquids, gases, or other explosives.
  2. Class X (Combination of Tank Vehicles and Hazardous Materials) – Allows a driver to transport hazardous materials in a tank vehicle.

Earning the hazardous materials endorsement (HAZMAT) can be an excellent opportunity for commercial drivers as a lot of companies rely on the transportation of hazardous materials. However, finding drivers with HAZMAT certification can be difficult.

Obtaining a HAZMAT certification is a bit more complicated than the others, as it needs fingerprints, a background check, and written tests to be completed and passed before it can be granted.

CDL HAZMAT Requirements

To qualify as a CDL driver transporting hazardous materials, you must meet both state and federal government criteria. Federal law sets some minimum requirements for getting a CDL and transporting hazardous materials that your state must test for. Federal law also dictates that you undergo a security threat assessment mandated by the Patriot Act and conducted by the Transportation Security Administration.

Materials such as explosives, gases, some solids, flammable and combustible liquids, and other materials that may cause harm are classified as hazardous materials. Without a HAZMAT endorsement, a truck driver will be restricted from transporting materials classified as hazardous.

To qualify for a HAZMAT endorsement, one must suffice the following eligibility criteria:

  • Proof of citizenship or legal status
  • Valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with at least 2 years experience
  • Proof of Social Security Number
  • Must be of legal age to run a hazardous materials vehicle
  • Valid medical examiner’s certificate
  • Must not have a history of disqualifying commercial offenses
  • Pass the HAZMAT Endorsement Knowledge Test
  • Pass the vision screening exam
  • Pass the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security threat assessment, including fingerprinting

A person applying for a CDL HAZMAT endorsement will be permanently disqualified if convicted of any of the following offenses:

  • Espionage
  • Sedition/Treason
  • Transportation security incident
  • Improper transportation of a hazardous material
  • Unlawful possession, use, sale, manufacture, purchase, receipt, shipping, import, export, storage of, or dealing in an explosive or explosive device
  • Murder
  • Conspiracy to commit any of the above crimes

Applicants who failed to pass the background check may plead within 60 days of the decision. Failure to pass the background check will not result in having your CDL revoked. However, you cannot transport hazardous materials.

To earn your Endorsement, you must:

  1. Complete a “HAZMAT Endorsement” application.
  2. Have a medical screening and obtain your Department of Transportation Medical Card.
  3. Schedule and take your CDL HAZMAT Test.
  4. Submit to a TSA Background Security Clearance.
  5. Wait for TSA to send you an official report of completion.

To pass your Hazardous Materials Test and obtain your CDL HAZMAT certification, be sure to study and prepare for it using the many resources listed below:

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Typically, the CDL HAZMAT test consists of at least 30 questions that will test your knowledge on several aspects of safe handling and transportation of hazardous materials, including:

  • Reasons for the Regulations
  • Bulk Tank Marking, Loading, Unloading
  • Responsibilities as a HAZMAT Driver
  • Driving and Parking Regulations
  • Rules On Communications
  • Emergency Situations
  • Safe Loading and Unloading

Fees for the actual CDL HAZMAT test will differ depending on which state you are getting your CDL HAZMAT Certification. However, you may expect and prepare to pay at least $100 to $125 from start to end.

In most cases, the required passing score for a state to grant a CDL HAZMAT Endorsement is 80%, which means that one must answer at least 24 questions correctly on a standard 30 question test. 

Transportation Security Administration CDL HAZMAT endorsement application fee

This cost will include your TSA background screening and Threat Assessment check:

  • For new applicants, they may pay $86.50.
  • Some applicants may be eligible for a reduced rate of $67.

Note: You can visit the TSA HAZMAT Endorsement Application Page to apply and to see which fee will apply to you.

After taking your CDL HAZMAT test, you will not receive the actual score you earned. You will be informed whether you were granted with CDL HAZMAT Endorsement or not once you’ve fulfilled all the requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to pass a HAZMAT test?

To pass a HAZMAT test, make sure to prepare and study well using free practice tests and study guides available online. You can review online or download a printable copy, such as a PDF file.

How much money does a CDL HAZMAT driver make?
The average CDL HAZMAT driver’s salary is $19.20 per hour and $53,304 per year, excluding bonuses.

How many times can you retake the HAZMAT test?
Although you need to pay to take the exam each time you take it, you can retake the exam as many times as you want until you achieve a passing score of 80% or higher.

How many questions are there in the HAZMAT test?The format, length, and requirements for the CDL HAZMAT Test vary according to which state you live. In most cases, CDL tests have 30 or more questions.