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PARCC Practice Test
Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers

The mission of Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is to ensure all students are prepared for college and the workplace. The PARCC assessments are used to determine college readiness and career preparedness in kindergarten through grade twelve students. These assessments are used to help students and parents determine if they are on target in meeting their long-term goals and are used to assist teachers in developing curriculums in compliance with the Common Core State Standards.

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PARCC Test Content

The PARCC Test is available in two formats:

PARCC ELA/Literacy Exam

Students must demonstrate competency in reading, writing, speaking/listening, language, and vocabulary on the PARCC ELA/Literacy Exam, which has five performance objectives. These are assessed using the relevant Common Core State Standards for the grade level of the learner.

PARCC Mathematics Exam

Students must demonstrate mastery in various grade-appropriate problems on the PARCC Mathematics exam, which is divided into three components. Make sure you’re studying PARCC practice tests that are appropriate for your grade level.

PARCC Test Cost

Each of the PARCC participating states has signed a separate contract with Pearson Education, the PARCC’s major exam vendor. The PARCC state testing materials cost an average of $23.97 per student in math, reading, and writing.

  • This cost includes the PARCC test’s computer-based administration as well as any administrative expenses.
  • Schools that choose to deliver the PARCC test on paper may have to pay a higher per-student price.
  • The fee per student includes both an ELA/Literacy and a Mathematics exam.
  • For all assessments, the per-student pricing includes both performance-based and short-answer test items.

PARCC Scoring System

Students’ PARCC scores are divided into five separate performance levels, each of which describes how well they met the requirements for their grade level/course:

Level 1 – Did not yet meet expectations. A down arrow is used to represent this.
Level 2 – Partially met expectations. A down arrow is used to represent this.
Level 3 – Approached expectations. This is the minimal PARCC score required for students to pass. A bidirectional arrow is used to represent this.
Level 4 – Met expectations. Students who scored at level 4 or higher proved that they were ready for the following grade level/course and, eventually, college and a profession. An up arrow is used to represent this.
Level 5 – Exceeded expectations. An up arrow is used to represent this.

Aside from a raw score, PARCC scorecards provide a wealth of other information: the average score by unit across their school, district, state, and cross-state; visual graphs showing how your child compared to these averages; percentages of students who performed at each level; and verbal descriptions of where your child excelled in the exam and where he or she could use a little more help.