PARCC Grade 5 ELA Practice Test Questions

Living on a Ranch

Marcus Morgan lives in Laramie, Wyoming, with his family. Laramie is between the Snowy Mountain Range and the Laramie Mountain Range, west of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Marcus and his family own a large cattle ranch outside of the city along U.S. Route 287. The Bar M Bar Ranch raises both beef and dairy cattle, along with a small herd of sheep. Mrs. Morgan keeps chickens and raises a small garden to feed the family. Marcus and his two brothers, James and Robert, have to help with chores and taking care of the animals.

Life starts early on the ranch. Mrs. Morgan rings the bell to bring everyone in for breakfast at 4:30 am. The family eats breakfast with the ranch hands, and then the boys do their morning chores before heading off to school. When the boys return from school, they have more chores to complete before dinner and time for homework.

Everyone has a job on a ranch. Mr. Morgan supervises the ranch hands, oversees repairs, and takes care of all the vehicles on the ranch. Mrs. Morgan is in charge of paying the bills and making sure everyone is fed. Marcus, at 15 years old, is the oldest child and has the most responsibility. He has to let the sheep out every morning and bring them back in every evening. He helps in the milking barn or with branding beef cattle when needed. He also takes care of the working dogs used all over the ranch. James gathers eggs, brings in a fresh pail of milk every morning, and cleans out horse stalls in the evenings. Robert, the baby of the family, helps his mom around the house and in the garden.

Marcus especially likes working with the sheep. In the mornings, he and his favorite working dog, Shep, run the sheep out of their corral into the big pasture so they can graze. Marcus uses whistles and calls to tell Shep where he wants the sheep to go, and Shep herds them. In the evenings, Marcus and Shep round up the sheep from the pasture and return them to the corral. Then Marcus must feed the sheep and check them all for injuries. In the spring, Marcus and Shep help Mr. Morgan bring the sheep into the shearing shed one at a time to have their wool sheared.


1. Where is the Bar M Bar Ranch?

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1. C - The Bar M Bar Ranch is in Laramie, Wyoming

2. How does Marcus tell Shep what to do?

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2. D - Marcus uses whistles and calls.

3. Which of the following choices best summarizes the fifth paragraph?

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3. B - Marcus enjoys working with the sheep.

4. From this passage, you can tell that:

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4. A - Everyone has a job on a ranch.

5. Mr. Morgan supervises the ranch hands and the outside chores. Which of the following choices best describes Mrs. Morgan's chores?

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5. C - She is in charge of the household and bills.

6. From the passage, the reader can tell:

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6. B - Working and living on a ranch is a full time job.

7. From this passage, the phrase "ranch hands" most likely means:

Correct! Wrong!

7. B - People who work on a ranch owned by someone else.

8. Marcus, James, and Robert are different ages, but they have something in common in this passage. Which sentence best describes what they have in common?

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8. A - They all help with chores on the ranch.

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