Endorsements on your Commercial Driver’s License open you up to many more Truck Job Opportunities. However, getting these endorsements isn’t easy, as some require background checks and/or an additional skills test. The written test can be the biggest hurdle since it’s the part over which you have the most control. Below is a list of the different CDL Practice Tests that we offer, as well as the accompanying endorsement information.

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Commercial Driver’s License CDL Practice Test

Are you starting to be convinced of trying out the truck driving industry? You must know
first the most important thing you need on your prospect job: A CDL license. To fully drive and
operate a large or heavy vehicle, you must obtain a CDL.
There are different types of CDL as there is a wide range of large vehicles that you can
choose from, depending on the gross vehicle weight rating and other requirements which the
Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1936 specifies:

Class A CDL – These are vehicles or any combined vehicles weighing 26,001 pounds or
higher such as tank vehicles, tractor trailers, livestock carriers, and truck and trailer

Class B CDL – this type of CDL is for vehicles which transports 16 or more passengers
such as large passenger buses but not limited to tow trucks and dump trucks with trailers.

Class C CDL – vehicles that are included in this type of license are those with 16
passengers and more, including the driver, or vehicles which use to transport classified

hazardous materials (HazMat). These might be passenger vans, small HazMat vehicle, or
combined vehicles under class A and class B.

Obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License signifies that a driver is highly trained and
qualified, thus resulting to a safe roads and highway quality.
Getting ready to get your CDL
Getting a CDL means you must obtain a commercial learner’s permit or CLP from your
state first. This authorizes you to practice driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV).
Requirements for CLP are the following:
– Valid non-commercial driver’s license
– Up to two years of driving experience (may vary on each state)
– At least 18 years of age if will be driving within the state, and 21 years old if will be
driving out of the state or transporting hazardous materials
– Proof of citizenship or residency (Birth certificate, social security card, valid passport,
green card.)
– Can speak and read English
– DOT medical card
Getting a high paying truck driving job begins with obtaining your CDL (Commercial Driver’s
License). To do so, you will be required to pass a series of written CDL tests to receive the
proper endorsements, based on what type of trucking career you are pursuing. You have two
options to pass truck driving with flying colors.

CDL Driving School
Driving schools offer courses on Class A CDL Training Program. They provide students
with necessary skills to begin truck driving professionally. Instructors in driving schools provide
both hands and-on training and the CDL knowledge needed to professionally operate a truck.
Few driving school also have Job Placement Assistance program helps students get pre-
qualified jobs even before they graduate school.
There’s a lot to consider in choosing your driving school. You’ll need to take the following
factors into consideration:
– Driving school year’s accreditation. How many years have they operated and the
company’s certification.
– Research on every school you’re considering. Use the web as your resource.

– Always keep in mind to check to reputation of a school, check for ratings and other
information on the Better Business Bureau’s website.
– The school’s pass/failure rate. Track their previous students passing and failure rate.
– Job placement programs offered.
– Compare the cost/fees. Driving schools cost may vary in terms of their course offering and
the respective fees for each.
– It is important that you’ll be training from certified, licensed CDL instructors.
– Includes sessions with hands-on and in-class training sessions. This will better equip you as
a professional truck driver.

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