CDL Passenger Transport Practice Test 2


When should you inspect your vehicle?

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Before and after your shift. It is important to inspect your bus before your shift to insure it is safe and to certify that all earlier reported defects have been repaired or addressed. It is also important to inspect the vehicle

When you arrive at an area where a policeman or flagman is directing traffic, you should

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Slow down and carefully check for other vehicles. If there is a policeman or flagman directing traffic, you do not have to stop, but you should slow down and carefully check for other vehicles.

Before you accept cargo or baggage with hazardous materials, you must confirm that the container has which of the following?

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Hazard label, the material's name, and identification number. Most hazardous material cannot be carried on a bus. If the laws allow the transport of the hazardous material, then the shipper is required to mark the container with t

When you are on the road, you should

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Scan the interior of the bus as well as the road ahead, behind and to the sides. When driving it is important that you focus on both the safety of the bus and of the passengers. Therefore, you should insure that you scan both the

Bus passengers should NOT

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Stand in front of the standee line. The standee line is a two-inch line of the floor (behind the driver's seat) that marks where passengers are allowed to stand. Passengers are NOT allowed to stand in front of the standee line.

During your pre-trip inspection, which of the following items should you check?

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All of the above. During your pre-trip inspection, it is important to check the vehicle systems (brakes, steering, lights, tires, horn etc.), access doors and panels (emergency exits, baggage and restroom service panels), and the b

If you are transporting passengers on a charter bus, you should

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Not allow passengers on the bus until departure time. By not allowing your passengers on the bus until departure time, you lessen the risk of theft or vandalism to the bus.

When transporting passengers on charter or intercity buses, you should mention rules regarding safety and comfort

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Before the trip is started. You should mention comfort and safety rules (i.e., regarding smoking, drinking, use of radios etc.) prior to the start of the trip - this will help you avoid problems later on.

You do not have to stop, but you must slow down and carefully check for other vehicles at

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Crossings marked as exempt or abandoned. At railroad crossings and drawbridge crossing that do not have a traffic light or traffic control attendant you must stop your bus. You do not have to stop (but must slow down and check for

Which of the following hazardous material loads is acceptable to transport on a bus?

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100 pounds of solid Class 6 poison. Buses must never carry any amount of *liquid* class 6 poison but are allowed to carry up to 100 pounds of *solid* Class 6 poison. Buses should never carry any amount of radioactive material or

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