CDL General Knowledge Practice Test 3


Which of the following is NOT a part of the steering system?

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Main spring. The main spring is part of the suspension system. The rest of the answers are part of the steering system

When backing, what is the best method to use to avoid blind spots?

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Use a helper. This question asks for the*best* method. Although using mirrors on both sides, backing towards the driver's side, and looking at your path are good practices when backing, the *best* method is to use a helper.

Which of the following is NOT an appropriate reason to flash your braking lights?

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To signal to tailgaters that they are too close to your vehicle. Tricks such as flashing your brake lights or turning on your taillights for tailgaters should be avoided since they are not effective and could lead to a crash. It is, however, a good practice to flash your brake lights to warn other drivers about hazards or if you are driving slowly.

You are driving a 50 foot truck at 38 MPH, how much space (in seconds) should you keep in front of you?

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5 seconds. To calculate your space required, use the following formula: If going under 40 MPH, use 1 second for each 10' of vehicle length. If going over 40 MPH, use the same formula but add 1 second. In this scenario, a 50' truck requires 5 seconds, and you don't need to add an additional second, because you are travelling under 40 mph.

Which of the following is NOT a recommended action to take when confronted by an aggressive driver?

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Make eye contact and motion to them that you are calling the authorities. If you are confronted by an aggressive driver you should not take any actions which could aggravate the situation. Specifically, you should not make eye contact with the driver or gesture to them.

When driving in very hot temperatures, you should:

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All of the above. When driving in extreme heat it is important to check your tires every 2 hours or 100 miles. If the tires are too hot to touch, you should remain stopped until they cool off. You should also insure that your engine cooling system has enough water and antifreeze per the manufacturer's specifications. Antifreeze helps the engine under hot conditions as well as cold conditions.

Shifting into a lower gear and removing your foot off of the accelerator to slow your vehicle is known as?

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Engine braking. Engine braking is critical to use on long steep downgrades to help slow your vehicle and removing your dependence on your braking system.

Which of the following statements is FALSE?

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If a tire blows, you should put the brakes on hard to stop quickly. This statement is FALSE. If a tire blows, you should hold the steering wheel firmly, stay off the brake until the vehicles slows, and check the tires when the vehicle comes to a complete stop.

Which of the following are possible causes of tire fires?

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Dual tires that touch and under-inflated tires. Duals that touch and under-inflated tires can lead to tires becoming overheated and catching on fire.

The average person requires how many hours of sleep per 24 hour period?

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7 or 8. The average person requires 7 or 8 hours of sleep per 24 hour period. If your body does not get the sleep that it requires, you may become very drowsy and fall asleep without even knowing it.

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