CDL General Knowledge Practice Test 5


Which of the following is NOT a required emergency equipment must you have?

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Glass breaking device. Vehicles must be equipped with fire extinguishers, warning devices (e.g., reflective warning triangles, and spare electrical fuses (unless the vehicle is equipped with circuit breakers)

Which of the following is a condition in which you should downshift?

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Before starting down a hill. Before you start down a hill, you should slow down and shift to a speed that is controllable without using the brakes too hard. 3rd and 4th options are wrong because you should downshift before starting up or down a hill.

Where should you place your reflectors when stopped on a un-divided highway or two lane road carrying traffic in both directions?

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100' behind and ahead of your vehicle and within 10' of the front or rear corner. When stopped on a road that is carrying traffic in both directions, it is important that you place reflectors both ahead of and behind your vehicle.

Which of the following represents the best way to make a right turn if you have a large vehicle that cannot make the turn without swinging into another lane.

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Diagram C. If you must swing into another lane when making a right turn, it is important to keep the vehicle close to the curb so that other vehicles do not try and pass you to the right (because they think you are turning left).

________ can cause lack of braking power, wheel lockups, pulling to one side or the other, and jackknifing.

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Wet brakes. Wet brakes can occur when driving in heavy rain or through standing water. Water on your brakes may cause your brakes to grab or lose their stopping power, which may lead to wheel lockups, pulling to one side or jackknifing.

Engine braking is most effective when:

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RPMs are high and transmission gear is low. The greatest effect of engine braking occurs when the RPMs are high (near the governed RPM limit) and the transmission is in a lower gear.

If your brakes fail, which of the following is NOT a useful method to slow your vehicle?

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Put the vehicle in a higher gear. This is incorrect because putting the vehicle in a higher gear will cause it to go faster - you should downshift to slow the vehicle down. Pumping the brakes may help generate enough hydraulic pressure to stop the vehicle. Using the parking brake, or using an escape ramp are also effective methods to slow your vehicle down if your brakes fail.

With an engine fire, you should do all of the following EXCEPT?

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Open the hood to allow air in. With an engine fire, you should avoid opening the hood if possible, because allowing more air to the fire can cause it to burn more and spread.

The cumulative effect of not getting enough sleep is known as ____?

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Sleep debt. Sleep debt occurs when you don't get enough sleep and you "owe" your body more sleep. The only way to "pay off" your sleep debt is to get more sleep. Insomnia (inability to initiate or maintain sleep) or Sleep apnea (pauses in breathing while asleep) are potential causes of sleep debt. Micro-sleep are brief naps that last for 4 or 5 seconds that may occur if you are too drowsy to drive.

Cargo such as dry bulk or hanging meat

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Have high centers of gravity and are unstable loads. Because dry bulk or hanging meat have high centers of gravity, they require caution going around curves or making sharp turns. They do not require special transit permits (unless over-length, over-width, or overweight).

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