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Schools can decide to administer any tests to assess the potential undergraduate readiness of their courses. Most schools decide to zero out math, reading, vocabulary, and grammar tests to evaluate students’ learning abilities. The ideal way to plan tests is to use HESI practice tests. Reading the HESI Entrance Assessment (A2) exam is like taking the TEAS practice test and is also used for the nursing courses entrance exam.

Welcome to the free HESI A2 grammar practice test.

The attached sample test contains 20 HESI A2 language structure questions, so you can accurately understand the punctuation preparation for the upcoming HESI test.

Each question will be accompanied by a correct answer and a clear answer (very similar to using the inquiry bank in our HESI A2 practice test package).

At the end of the training test, you will get a score report that separates the sub-points that you should return to zero for quick improvement.

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If Angel ________________ the module like she was supposed to, she would have known what was on the exam.

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Correct answer: had read

When discussing something that did not occur in the past, use the past perfect (if I had done).

After the storm, telephone poles ____________ all over the street.

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Correct answer: were lying

The verb “lie” implies to recline and does not require an object. “Lay” is a verb that meaning to position and does not take an object. The books were on the table, or the telephone poles were on the road.

Aimee was ____________ about the natural science in fifth grade.

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Correct answer: taught

The sentence's wording requires the usage of "taught," as it is part of the noun phrase “was _________.” The sentence's formulation does not offer Aimee agency, but rather indicates that her knowledge comes from someone else. The term "teached" does not exist.

Which of the following statements is a declarative sentence?

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Correct answer: It's a bit dark outside today.

A declarative sentence is a declaration. It contains no commands and asks no questions.

Ruby was ____________ exhausted than her sister after they ran the race.

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Correct answer: more

Because we are only comparing two people (the subject "she" and "her sister"), we must use the right comparative form, "more." When describing three or more persons, the term "most" is used. There is no need to use the article "the" before "more."

I believe you will be hired for the job you interviewed for last week. You seemed very _____________.

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Correct answer: prepared

This statement requires an adjective, and option C is the best fit. In the context supplied by the first statement, which suggests a job well done, choice A is incorrect. Choices D and B are verbs rather than adjectives.

Which of the following is grammatically correct?

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Correct answer: The athlete ran quickly to the finish line.

Because “ran” is a verb, we must modify it with the adverb form “quickly.” “Quick” is an adjective that characterizes nouns rather than verbs.

Which of the following words is a noun?
The teenager jumped into the air to catch the ball.

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Correct answer: air

This phrase has three nouns: "teenager," "air," and "ball." The verbs "jumped" and "catch" are used in this sentence. The term "into" refers to a preposition.

My dearest friend was in a terrible automobile accident last Sunday night that left him hurt ____________.

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Correct answer: badly

This is an adverb that describes the verb "hurt." Choices D and A are incorrect because they are employed for comparison, which this statement does not accomplish. Choice C is incorrect since it is an adjective that would describe the noun "accident." Choice B is the only valid answer since we are seeking for the word that actively describes the verb "hurt."

Neither of the flower bouquets ____________ as full as the one we purchased yesterday.

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Correct answer: is

In a “neither/nor” phrase, the verb agrees with the noun or pronoun nearest to it. However, because “nor” is lacking from this phrase, “neither” becomes the subject. It is singular and should be followed by the singular word "is."

The alarm needs to be loud enough for all students to ____________.

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Correct answer: hear

The word "hear" implies "to perceive audibly." The phrase "here" refers to a specific location. The other response selections would not be grammatically correct.

The team with the _____________ penalties usually wins a basketball game.

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Correct answer: fewer

“Fewer” is used for countable items (such as the amount of fines) whereas “less” is used for uncountable things. “The least” and “the fewest” are superlative expressions that are exclusively used when discussing three or more objects.

John sat on the bed with his favorite dog and ___________ its head gently.

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Correct answer: petted

Choice D is not correct because ”patted" indicates a tapping motion, rather than a "gentle" stroking motion, indicated by the adverb at the end of the sentence. Choices A and C are not correct because the sentence requires the word ”pet in the past tense and as a past participle.

Brian ___________ up ten minutes after his alarm was supposed to go off.

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Correct answer: woke

In this sentence's construction, only "woke" may be used with the adverb "up."

After my car was repaired, it ____________ again.

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Correct answer: ran well

“Ran well” is accurate in the present tense. The phrase "ran good" is never correct.

Which of the following is grammatically correct?

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Correct answer: She could accept anything from him, except a lie.

To accept is a verb that implies "to receive." "Except" is a preposition that generally means "but" or "leaving out." The right answer is the only one that appropriately employs both of these terms.

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