M1 Motorcycle Practice Test


In which of the following situations will the motorcycle rider need to shift his/her weight to the rear end?

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If a front tire blows, the motorcyclist must try to steer straight and shift his/her weight to the rear to control the vehicle.

Which of the following three documents are required for motorcycle riders in Ontario?

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Insurance liability card, valid driver's licence, and vehicle ownership documents are required for all drivers in Ontario.

While making a turn, the passenger on a motorcycle must

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The driver as well as the passenger must lean in the direction of the turn.

High speed wobble for a motorcycle can be prevented

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High speed wobble can be prevented by slowly closing the throttle and reducing the speed without applying the brakes.

Class M1 licensed motorcyclists driving at night should do the following to prevent accidents

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Class M1 licence holders are not allowed to drive at night due to their insufficient experience.

If a motorcycle rider wishes to stop his/her vehicle, while stopping, s/he must watch for traffic

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When a rider wants to stop his/her motorcycle, s/he must watch the traffic behind before taking the next steps.

If you are a fully licensed driver 21 years of age and over and if you register a BAC ____ , you will receive an immediate three-day licence suspension for a first offence.

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If you register a BAC from .05 to .08 (known as the “warn range”), you will receive an immediate driver’s licence suspension. For a first occurrence, you will be suspended for three days.

Alcohol can impair the driver's ability to

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Alcohol impairs the driver's ability to control, turn, or stop the motorcycle.

When a motorist reaches a through intersection where s/he may not need to stop, s/he must

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Whenever a motorist reaches a through intersection, s/he must yield to pedestrians and other vehicles as per the right-of-way rules.

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