CNA Basic Nursing Skills 4


A restraint attached to a patient's body and to a stationary object is ________.

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A restraint is a way of limiting a patient's movement or freedom. It protects the patient's safety or the safety of others. An active restraint is attached to the patient's body and to a secure object. Example: a vest that ties to a wheelchair.

A health care agency or program for patients who are dying is

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Hospice is a special type of care that works with patients who have life-limiting conditions, their families, and their caregivers. The goal is to maintain the patient's dignity and quality of life, while supporting each person. Hospice care does not prolong life or hasten death.

Mrs. Harvey complains of abdominal discomfort. Watery stool has been leaking from her rectum. This could be a sign of

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Fecal impaction can be serious. When constipation is not resolved, stool becomes hardened and unable to pass. Liquid stool may pass around the impaction. Patients may complain of feeling bloated; having the urge to push; nausea or vomiting; not wanting to eat. There are several treatments to expel the impaction, but it may need to be manually removed.

Mrs. Allen has a gastrostomy and the nurse just put Ensure through the feeding tube. The CNA needs to put her in which position for the next 1-2 hours?

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Fowler's position is a sitting position that is used for several reasons. It prevents aspiration during and after a tube feeding. It can also help patients with respiratory problems breathe more easily. Standard Fowler's position is 45-60 degrees.

Mr. Brown has an ankle brace. When you remove the brace, you notice a reddened area on the ankle bone. You should

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A reddened area is the first sign of skin breakdown. It means that there is pressure and a lack of blood circulation to the area. The nurse aide should immediately remove the source of pressure or reposition the client to eliminate pressure. Never massage a reddened area, as this will increase the damage. Report your observation to the nurse.

What is the normal range of systolic blood pressure for adults?

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Systolic pressure is the top number of a blood pressure reading. It measures the pressure in the arteries after the heart takes a beat, as the blood moves. The normal pressure is less than 120. A pressure of 120-140 is considered pre-hypertensive.

A nursing aide has four patients to assist. Who should she address first?

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When prioritizing, start with the patient that has the most urgent need. Assist the patient to the bathroom, to prevent incontinence and clean up. The patient will be comfortable, and you can then attend to the other patients.

The RN assigns you a task that is in your job description. Which statement is FALSE?

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While the RN can assign or delegate tasks that are in your job description, they must ensure that you know how to do the task and that it's beneficial to the patient. Some non-RN tasks may be outside the scope of your CNA practice. If so, inform the RN.

Settings where a CNA can work include

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As a healthcare professional, the CNA can choose from a variety of work settings, depending on interest and experience. Hospitals, hospices, and home care are three examples, as well as clinics and long-term care facilities.

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