SBAC Grade 5 Math Practice Test


One morning a total of 151 eggs are collected from a henhouse. The eggs are packed in cartons of 12 for shipment. How many eggs are remaining after as many cartons as possible are packed?

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The largest multiple of 12 less than 151 is 144. This means there are eggs left over.

Given the figure of the parallelogram below, which side is parallel to side


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One property of parallelograms is that the opposite sides are parallel. This means


A survey of a random sample of 100 drivers asked them the color of their car. The results of the survey are presented in the table below.

If the parking lot at the local store is filled with 25 cars, how many yellow cars would be expected to be in the lot?

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There are 36 out of 100 yellow cars in the sample. Since the parking lot has 1/(4 ) as many cars as the sample, 1/(4 ) as many yellow cars should be expected.

Cindy earned $100 one week at the ice cream stand. She put of the money in her savings account and kept the rest as cash. After this, she received a cash bonus of $20 from the owner of the ice cream stand and didn't put any of it in the savings account. Which expression represents the amount of cash Cindy currently has?

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C=3/4 (100)+20. Since 1/(4 ) of the original $100 was sent to the savings account, 3/(4 ) of the money was kept in cash. The bonus was then added afterward.

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