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CNA Certifications

What is a CNA certification?

The Certified Nursing Assistant Certification is a nationally recognized credential for aspiring nursing assistants. It is obtained when candidates pass the CNA test. The exam is composed of two parts: the written exam and the clinical exam. 

 How to get CNA certified? 

You must remember that each state has its own specific requirements when it comes to CNA certification. You have to research and take note of yours before applying for the certification. But, there are common CNA certification requirements.

The most common of all and the first thing that you should do is that you must enroll in a state-approved CNA program. You already know that to become a certified nursing assistant, you do not need a degree. All you have to do is to take and pass your classes and training. The federal requirements for the initial training are at least 75 hours. 

In addition to that, as already mentioned, each state has its own rules and regulations for their CNAs. It is depicted in the table below:

State Minimum Training Hours Minimum Clinical Hours
Alabama 75 16
Alaska 140 80
Arizona 120 40
Arkansas 90 16
California 150 100
Colorado 75 16
Connecticut 100 50
Delaware 150 75
District of Columbia 120 75
Florida 120 40
Georgia 85 24
Hawaii 100 70
Idaho 120 32
Illinois 120 40
Indiana 105 75
Iowa 75 30
Kansas 90 45
Kentucky 75 16
Louisiana 80 40
Maine 180 70
Maryland 100 40
Massachusetts 75 16
Michigan 75 16
Minnesota 75 16
Mississippi 75 16
Missouri 175 100
Montana 75 25
Nebraska 75 16
Nevada 75 n/a
New Hampshire 100 60
New Jersey 90 40
New Mexico 75 n/a
New York 100 30
North Carolina 75 16
North Dakota 75 16
Ohio 75 16
Oklahoma 75 16
Oregon 155 75
Pennsylvania 80 37.5
Rhode Island 100 20
South Carolina 100 40
South Dakota 75 16
Tennessee 75 35
Texas 100 40
Utah 100 24
Vermont 80 30
Virginia 120 40
Washington 85 50
West Virginia 120 55
Wisconsin 120 32
Wyoming 75 16

After finishing your CNA program, you may then proceed to take the CNA certification exam. If you pass, you’ll then acquire your certified nursing assistant license. It will mean that you will be able to apply for jobs of your choosing. You can choose to work in hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

If you do pass, one of the things that you must also do is CNA verification. You must check whether your CNA license is current and in good standing. Otherwise, you’ll have to get a CNA license renewal

Furthermore, CNA license verification is always a must so that you know that your license is active. If your employer found out that it isn’t, you will be ineligible for employment. That’s why it wouldn’t hurt to check your CNA certification once in a while.  

When does a CNA license expire?

For you to know whether your CNA license expired, you can just check the expiration date on it. If it doesn’t contain one and you don’t know the date, you can check it at your state’s nursing board website. You can also look it up at a certified nursing assistant license verification website

Also, for your license to remain active, federal regulations require you to have worked at least 8 hours and without a 2-year break. On the other hand,  If you have a  5-year break, then your license will expire. An expired certificate means that you either need to retake the CNA training program or you need to prove your employment.   

How to renew CNA license?

Those who have acquired their nurse aide certificate are required to renew it after a certain period. It is called CNA recertification. Most states compulsory require their CNAs to recertify their license every after 2 years. Moreover, CNAs have to work for a specific number of hours each year as specified by their state requirements. They also have to complete several hours of continuing education before they can renew.  

Where can i get my CNA license?

When you pass the exam, you then have to get registered in your state’s nurse registry. After that, you can get a copy of your nursing assistant license in that registry, if needed.

How much does the CNA certification cost

There are a lot of things to consider, from the CNA training costs to medical examinations and criminal background checks, the cost of CNA certification will vary. You’ll also have to consider the fees for taking the certification exam. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a CNA nursing license significant collateral for a loan?

You should not just focus on the CNA license but also the person’s capability to pay back the money. You have to look at their credibility and background. Otherwise, you are risking not being paid. Furthermore, a CNA license is not a good enough collateral since it wouldn’t be proportionate to the value that you might loan.  

How to transfer a Georgia CNA license?

You must first meet the minimum requirements. You have to have your Social Security number and CNA employment for at least 8 hours in the past 2 years. You must also have your listing on your state’s CNA license registry, and no recorded or pending cases of patient abuse. The next thing you should do is to obtain an application for Nurse Aide Registry Listing by Reciprocity form. You can get it at the Georgia Department of Community Health website. Lastly, you have to mail your completed documents, and then wait for your certification card to be mailed. 

Can I get my CNA license online in California?

To get your CNA certification, you have to go to California’s Department of Public health website. You have to click on “Certificates and Licenses.” Afterwards, you’ll see “Occupations.” You have to click it so you’ll arrive at the “Health Care Professionals” page. Lastly, you have to choose “Certified Nurse Aide” and “Certified Nurse Assistant Forms”. It will take you to the desired page for application for CNA certification.

Is a CNA a licensed healthcare professional?

No, because licensed professionals are those who have a statutorily defined scope of practice. They are the only ones given the authority to perform certain tasks and functions.  

What can you do with a CNA license?

There are many things that you can do. You can work in nursing facilities and hospitals. You can also choose nursing homes. Your knowledge and skills are very helpful and useful in these places. 

  How to obtain my in-services to keep my CNA license active?

Some states that can help you with your in-services. Some schools provide online classes for the number of hours you need. You just have to research and find what suits you.