ASVAB Jobs Require Different ASVAB Scores – Know More About Each One


There are so many enlisted job opportunities in the military. The ASVAB exam is used as a military  entrance exam for individuals that want to be in that line of work. Furthermore, each of the military services has its own score requirements to be eligible for a position. You have to give importance to the AFQT test. It is the basis for you to be able to be qualified for any military job.

Your composite scores on the ASVAB are also used by the military for specific enlisted positions. You need to know the minimum required ASVAB scores of the following: 

  • ASVAB scores for Navy jobs
  • ASVAB scores for Army jobs
  • ASVAB scores for Marine jobs
  • ASVAB scores for Air Force jobs
  • ASVAB scores for Coast Guard jobs

If you do pass the military test, you have to remember that other factors are taken into consideration. Getting the average AFQT score doesn’t mean that you’ll be given the job. Factors such as vacancy, security clearances, and medical exam results are also crucial.  

Moreover, based on the book 2019/2020 ASVAB For Dummies,  the following tables are some of the entry-level jobs you can apply for and the necessary ASVAB score requirements


Rating Title Score
AIRR Air Rescue Swimmer VE + AR + MK + MC = 210 or VE + AR + MK + AS = 210
A130 Aviation Structural Mechanic VE + AR + MK + AS = 210 or VE + AR + MK + MC = 210
A400 Air Traffic Controller VE + AR + MK + MC = 220 or VE + MK + MC + CS = 220
A430 Aviation Support Equipment Technician VE + AR + MK + AS = 210 or VE + AR + MK + MC = 210
A500 Naval Aircrewman VE + AR + MK + MC = 210 or VE + AR + MK + AS = 210
A530 Naval Aircrewman (Mechanical) VE + AR + MK + MC = 210 or VE + AR + MK + AS = 210
B121 Gas Turbine System Technician – Electrical VE + AR + MK + MC = 210 or AR + MK + EI + GS = 210
B130 MMS Machinist’s Mate (Submarine) VE + AR + MK + MC = 210
B220 Hull Maintenance Technician VE + AR + MK + AS = 205 or VE + AR + MK + MC = 205
B310 Fire Controlman AR + MK + EI + GS = 222

To know more about Navy jobs ASVAB, you can check out their official website at Keep in mind that the qualifications for military jobs are subject to change. That’s why it is preferable if you checked your desired branch’s official website, or you can ask your local military recruiter.       


MOS  Title Score
09L Interpreter/ Translator N/ A
12B Combat Engineer CO-87
12G Quarrying Specialist (Reserves only) GM-93
12N Horizontal Construction Engineer GM-90
12R Interior Electrician EL-93
12W Carpentry and Masonry Specialist GM-88
13F Fire Support Specialist FA-96
13R Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator SC-98
14G Air Defense Battle Management System Operator GT-98 and MM-99
14S Avenger Crewmember (Reserves only) OF-85

To know more about Army jobs ASVAB, you can check out their official website at

Marine ASVAB 

MOS  Title Score
0111 Administrative Specialist CL-100
0231 Intelligence Specialist GT-110
0311 Rifleman GT-90
0331 Machine Gunner GT-90
0352 Antitank Missile Gunner GT-100
0451 Airborne and Air Delivery Specialist GT-100
0621 Transmissions System Operator EL-105
0651 Cyber Network Operator EL-105
0811 Field Artillery Cannoneer GT-90
0847 Field Artillery Sensor Support Marine GT-105

To know more about Marine jobs ASVAB, you can check out their official website at

Air Force ASVAB  

AFSC Title Score
1A0X1 In-Flight Refueling G-55
1A3X1 Airborne Mission System E-70
1A7X1 Aerial Gunner M-60 or E-45
1C0X1 Aviation Resource Management A-45
1C3X1 Command Post G-49
1C6X1 Space System Operations E-70
1C8X2 Airfield Systems E-70
1N2X1 Signals Intelligence Analyst G-72
1N7X1 Human Intelligence Specialist G-72
1T0X1 Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape* G-55

To know more about Air Force jobs ASVAB, you can check out their official website at

Coast Guard ASVAB    

Rating Title Score
AET Avionics Electrical Technician AFQT = 65 or MK + EI + GS = 172 and minimum AR = 52
BM Boatswain’s Mate AR + VE = 100
EM Electrician’s Mate MK + EI + GS = 153 and minimum AR = 52
GM Gunner’s Mate AR + MK + EI + GS = 209
IT Information Systems Technician AFQT = 65 or MK + EI + GS = 172 and minimum AR = 52
MST Marine Science Technician VE + AR = 114 and minimum MK = 56
PA Public Affairs Specialist VE + AR = 109 and minimum VE = 54
AMT Aviation Maintenance Technician AFQT = 65 or AR + MC + AS + EI = 220 and minimum AR = 52
DC Damage Controlman VE + MC + AS = 155
ET Electronics Technician AFQT = 65 or MK + EI + GS = 172 and minimum AR = 52

To know more about Coast Guard ASVAB requirements, you can check out their official website at or    

Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs will an ASVAB score of 37 get me in the Navy?

The minimum ASVAB score requirement for the Navy is 31 (with a high school diploma) or 50 (with an equivalency). You might get a job with that score, but getting higher ASVAB results will increase your job opportunities. A probable position you can also apply for with that score is the infantry.  

What happens if you fail the ASVAB test for the Marines?

Technically, you can’t actually fail the ASVAB test. What is needed is for you to have a high enough score to enlist in the Military. There are different policies for each military branch. For the Marines, if you fail, you can retake the test if your test your previous test expired. You cannot also request a retest because your initial scores didn’t meet the required standards to be eligible. 

What is the minimum ASVAB score to get into the army?

To get a job in the army, you need to pass the Army ASVAB requirements. You need to get at least 31 for AFQT score if you have a high school diploma or 50 if with an equivalency.  

Can I join the Air Force with mediocre grades in high school?

Yes. The most important thing is to get your high school diploma or equivalency. Your grades won’t be relevant if you can show that you have indeed completed the required education and also passed the ASVAB test.  

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