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Pharmacy Technician Resume

A lot of experts say that to get hired for a position, applicants must have a comprehensive resume. Thus, during your application process, you must successfully market your credentials and qualifications in your pharmacy technician resume

Make an outstanding resume by remembering  some of these useful tips:

Keep in mind a pharmacy technician’s job description for the resume

You must know what is required of you before you can start your job application. You must know a pharmacy technician’s duties. You’ll have to meet the requirements and qualifications before you can apply. That’s why, before building up your resume, you must thoroughly understand your responsibilities. 

Market yourself and highlight your good attributes.

Before, a pharmacy technician’s resume used objectives to give emphasis to their accomplishments and to state what kind of position they are looking for. They’ll focus on describing their abilities and what they have achieved as a pharmacy technician. But, nowadays people use a qualifications summary. Usually, this includes in your resume your pharmacy technician skills,  your highest accomplishments, your years of experience, etc. You can then support all of your statements with credible documents alongside the resume you’ll pass.

Make a list of your educational achievements.

You must first state your highest level of education and only include those institutions that earned you a certificate or degree. Often, employers prefer those who have obtained their pharmacy technician degree and passed the PTCE. Some states require applicants to pass the exam so that they can obtain their CPhT certification. Furthermore, you must include any awards or honors you have been given during your education. 

Convince the employer with your experience.

In this section of your resume, you must be able to show all of the jobs, volunteer work, part-time, and internship, among others, that you have done. Not all of your previous jobs must be listed because you should only pick those that are relevant to the position. 

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Your cover letter must be convincing. 

If you are applying for entry level pharmacy technician jobs or even those that require experience, it is always a good thing to make a pharmacy technician cover letter that’ll help impress your employers. When writing the letter, you must highlight the necessary information, such as whether you are certified. Having your CPhT license will make you stand out, so you need to mention this fact in your first paragraph.

Make an impression with your resume by following some of these tips. If you don’t know where to begin, why don’t you check out this pharmacy technician resume example for entry-level pharmacy technicians taken from https://www.monster.com/career-advice/article/sample-resume-pharmacy-technician-entry-level:


Sometown, AZ 85287

Home: (555) 555-5555

[email protected] | LinkedIn URL

Certified Pharmacy Technician

  • PTCB-certified pharmacy technician with a high level of motivation to launch career in this field.
  • Training has included four weeks of practice in a clinical externship as well as training in a state-of-the-art pharmacy laboratory.
  • Learned from respected PharmD instructors, gaining a foundation in pharmacy best practices, medication pharmacology, pharmaceutical calculations and prescription processing.
  • Experience includes current position as a retail pharmacy cashier—provide exemplary patient care and ensure a positive customer experience.

Education & Credentials


Pharmacy Technician Diploma, 5/2016

  • Graduated from ASHP-accredited school, acquiring the knowledge to sit for and pass the CPhT exam on the first attempt.
  • Earned “A” grade after completing 160-hour clinical externship at XYZ Pharmacy.
  • Completed curriculum delivered in classroom, online and lab settings covering topics including:

    • Medical & Pharmaceutical Terminology
    • Pharmacology of Medications
    • Retail Pharmacy Procedures
    • Medicare & Medicaid Reimbursements
    • Pharmaceutical Calculations
    • FDA Drug Safety Guidelines
    • Pharmacy Practice Ethics
    • Prescription Filling
    • Medication Compounding
    • Basic Anatomy
    • Patient Care & Interaction
    • Medication Inventory Management


  • Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT), Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), 5/2012
  • Trainee License, Arizona State Board of Pharmacy, 3/2012
  • Sterile Products Certification, National Pharmacy Technician Association (NPTA), 2012

Pharmacy Experience


Family-owned neighborhood drugstore offering a full-service retail pharmacy.

Cashier,2011 to 2012

  • Worked in a busy neighborhood drugstore and gained hands-on knowledge of retail pharmacy operations.
  • Provided friendly customer service that helped retain customers despite fierce competition in the industry.
  • Demonstrated accuracy in cashiering, cash handling and credit-card processing, consistently balancing cash drawer to the penny.
  • Routinely commended for maintaining an orderly and clean store appearance.

Available for Evening and Weekend Shift Work

If you are an experienced pharmacy technician on the other hand, then follow this pharmacy technician resume sample that’s taken from https://www.monster.com/career-advice/article/sample-resume-pharmacy-technician-midlevel:  

Michael Smith, CPhT

Sometown, SC 29606

[email protected]

Home: 555.555.5555

LinkedIn URL

Certified Pharmacy Technician offering more than three years of experience within a leading national drugstore chain and a small community pharmacy. Dedicated, hard-working and reliable professional who maintains a focus on accuracy and delivers courteous service at all times.


  • Prescription Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Calculations
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Terminology
  • Drug Classifications & Safety
  • Medication Inventory Management
  • FDA Compliance
  • Medicare, Medicaid & Insurance Claims Processing
  • Customer Service/Customer Relations


ABC PHARMACY (Fortune 500 retail pharmacy chain), Sometown, SC

Pharmacy Technician, 1/14 to Present

  • Swiftly and correctly calculate dosages, dispense medications, prepare prescription labels and fill prescriptions for approval by pharmacists.
  • Use the pharmacy’s proprietary computer program to access prescription information including patient and prescriber data, drug selection, prescription interpretation and insurance billing.
  • Research and resolve dosage conflicts, potentially harmful drug interactions, insurance issues and other matters to ensure patient safety/wellness and build customer loyalty.

DEF PHARMACY (Community pharmacy chain), Sometown, SC

Pharmacy Technician, 1/09 to 12/13

Pharmacy Technician Trainee, 7/08 to 1/09

  • Completed practicum at DEF Pharmacy and subsequently offered enrollment in formal training program followed by full-time employment.
  • Worked alongside licensed pharmacists to provide excellent service within high-volume retail setting.
  • Helped migrate pharmacy to new patient records system – transferred hundreds of profiles to database and trained several coworkers on new system.


ABC COLLEGE (ASHP-Accredited Program), Sometown, SC

Pharmacy Technician, Diploma in Applied Science, 6/08

  • Completed 225 practicum hours at DEF Pharmacy, GHI Pharmacy and JKL Pharmacy.


Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT)

South Carolina Pharmacy Technician Certification


Inventory Management, Compounding, Automated Devices for Dispensing Drugs, Pharmacology and the Nervous System, Drug Classifications, HIPAA, Pharmacy Law and Ethics

Frequently Asked Questions

Can pharmacy technicians work in veterinary pharmacies?

Yes, they can. Pharmacy technicians help in  preparing and dispensing medications. If pharmacists and veterinarians supervise them, then they may be able to do such tasks in veterinary pharmacies.    

How to become a pharmacy technician in Washington State?

In Washington, to be a pharmaceutical technician, you have to be a high school graduate or equivalent. You must also be at least 18 years old and above and must complete an accredited training program. You must pass the background checks, and lastly, show proof that you passed the pharmacy tech exam.

What is a retail pharmacy?

These are pharmacies involved in dispensing medications to the public at retail prices. You can find retail pharmacies at grocery stores, supermarkets, etc. They should have a license in order to dispense.  

What does a clinical pharmacy service do?

This discipline involves providing patient care in all healthcare settings. Pharmacists must be able to utilize medication therapy. They must also advocate the promotion of health and disease prevention.

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