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How to get a pharmacy tech job?

Before you can start looking for pharmacy technician jobs, the first thing you have to do is to pass the PTCE or also known as the PTCB certification. If you get certified, you’ll get a higher salary and a higher chance of getting hired than those who are non-certified.

After becoming CPhTs or certified pharmacy technicians, the next step is to choose where you should work. There are 2 types of certified pharmacy technician jobs: Retail and Hospital

Retail Pharmacy Technician Jobs

This kind of job will require you to work in drugstores or grocery stores. Furthermore, working in retail means that you have to have the kind of customer service skills required for the position. You’ll be the one communicating with patients daily. Some retail pharmacies even have to stay open 24/7. That’s why it is also considered as one of the most popular types of pharmacy technician jobs. It is known for its availability and that there are various locations to choose from.

Hospital Pharmacy Technician Jobs

This kind of job will require you to work with healthcare professionals closely. Hospital pharmacy technicians are different from retail pharmacy technicians because the former is expected to be more knowledgeable about prescriptions and medications. They are required to work with the greatest speed and accuracy when it comes to giving the proper dosage and prescription for their patients. Furthermore, even though there are many job vacancies in hospitals, there’s a problem with availability. As of January 2020, despite becoming CPhTs or certified pharmacy technicians, hospital jobs are no longer considered as entry-level positions.

If you have chosen the type of pharmacy technician job that you want, then the only thing left to do is to send in your application. Make your resume appealing and make an impression during the job interview. If you need help, you can check out the following links to help you out with your Resume and Interview Questions: 

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What do pharmacy technicians do?

A pharmacy technician job description contains a lot of things. You are required to manage inventories of drug supplies, dispense prescribed medications, take note of medical records, teach your patients on how to use medical devices, and over-the-counter duties, among others, under the supervision of a pharmacist or healthcare professional. These are just some of the pharmacy technician responsibilities you should be able to do.

How much are pharmacy technicians paid?

You have to consider many factors when it comes to computing how much a pharmacy technician does make. The geographical location, educational background, and the place of employment are huge contributors when it comes to a certified pharmacy technician salary.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the latest annual median pay for a pharmacy technician is $32,700. Which means that a pharmacy technician’s hourly pay is $15.72.

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What are the highest paying pharmacy technician jobs       

According to overall statistics, the top-paying industries are federal. The average pay for pharmacy technicians under them is $44,900 per year. In addition to that, the top-paying states for this job are shown in the following table:    

State Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Alaska $20.74 $43,150
California $20.48 $42,610
Washington $20.42 $42,470
Oregon $19.67 $40,920
District of Columbia $19.22 $39,980


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pharmacy technician salary in Florida?

Based on statistics, the annual salary for pharmacy technicians in Florida is $32,090. They make at least $15.43 per hour. Florida is also one of the states with the highest employment level for pharmacy technicians. 

What is a pharmacy technician’s salary in Massachusetts?

The pharmacy technician’s annual salary in Massachusetts is at least $37,728. As already mentioned, the salary will also differ based on different factors, such as geographical location or educational level.   

Is it easy to get a Pharmacy Technician job?

It depends on the preparation you have done. If you have passed the certification exam, then it will be easier for you to get hired. It will add to your credibility, and more employers prefer those who they know have attained the necessary qualifications for the job.  

Can we get a job in a pharmacy without any pharmacy degree?

Yes, you can. A great example would be retail pharmacy technicians. Your job is to help pharmacists manage and dispense prescribed medications. You won’t need a pharmacy degree to attain this job. All you have to do is to pass accredited programs for pharmacy technicians. You need to have at least a high school diploma or an equivalent to enroll. After that, you can take the PTCE and get certified. 

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