PTCB Practice Test 4


Which of the following hormone stimulates bone and muscle growth in men?

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One of the functions of testosterone is bone and skeletal muscle growth which affects size and mass. Androgen stimulates and controls development and maintenance of male characteristics; Luteinizing stimulates secretions of sex steroids from gonads; Progesterone has no function in men

In which section of the drug monograph would you find an abbreviated summary of the most clinically adverse reactions?

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Warning and precaution sections gives a summary of the most clinically adverse reactions and action taken. Adverse reactions list commonly occurring adverse reactions and incidence of these effects. Overdosage gives information on toxicity and the antidotes. Contraindication are situations in which the drug should not be used.

The technician is checking the refrigerators temperature that reads 8 degree Celsius, what is this temperature in Fahrenheit?

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Answer "46.4" - Multiplying 8 times 1.8. Add the product 14.4 to 32.

Which of the following is a way to reduce medication errors for a pharmacy technician?

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Pharmacy technicians should do a mental check of dosage appropriateness and bring any concerns to the attention of the pharmacist. Never use error prone abbreviation, scan the original prescription and maintain a safe work area are way pharmacies can reduce errors.

Which of the following documentation form requires that patient profile be maintained for every patient regardless of the pharmacy setting?

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A patient profile is required by OBRA 90 and may be either hard copy or a computerized list of the patient’s prescription and other information such name, date of birth and medical history. Medication administration record documents medication administered to a patient. Physician order sheet listing the physician order including drug and nondrug orders. Resident monitoring form documents behavior of a patient and any precipitating factors.

Which of the indicates the correct expiration date for 12/17?

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All medication expiration dates with a month and year indicates the last day of the month.

Which of the following date is assigned by the pharmacy when repacking a medication?

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A beyond use date is assigned by the pharmacy when repackaging or compounding a medication. Expiration date is given by the manufacturer; Prescription date is written by the physician; Compounding date is given when a product is compounded.

Insurance companies enact plan limitations to control drug use, which of the following is a limitation for a mail order pharmacy for days’ supply?

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Days supply restriction for a mail order supplies is 90 days. Retail pharmacies will have a 30 day limit.

Which of the following is a disadvantage to implementing pharmacy information systems?

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Databases may vary from one pharmacy to another.

Which of the following is not an organ in the lymphatic system?

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the thyroid is a gland that is a part of the endocrine system that produces hormones. Thymus, tonsil and spleen are organs part of the lymphatic system that production and proper functioning of the immune system.

A physician with a DEA number starting with “X” represents?

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“X” is used for prescribers who qualify to order medications used to treat opioid addiction. Mid-level practitioners use the letter “M”. The letters A, B, or F are used for all other physicians writing a prescription for controlled substances.

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