GED Courses

The GED tests will assess your academic skills in mathematics, science, social studies, reading, and writing. The goal of the GED tests is to equate the skills with that of a recent high school graduate. While some students can take and pass GED tests without studying or preparing, the majority of GED exam-takers look for GED courses to help them pass the tests.

Most GED exam-takers select one or more of the following study categories to help them prep for their GED exams:

GED Classroom

GED Preparation Courses may be the best study option for students who want a more conventional education or need one on one tutoring. Students who have difficulty reading or are poor in mathematics may consider classroom learning to be extremely beneficial. GED prep courses are offered by a wide range of agencies, including state universities, adult education organizations, educational groups, and public high schools. In several cases, these GED courses are offered free of cost.

GED Home Study

Prepping for your upcoming GED by studying at home is a good alternative for students who are comfortable with understanding the GED topics on their own. Students who are more comfortable with home study can prepare for their GED tests using GED prep books/study guides or via instructional videos.

Online GED Courses

GED prep courses online can come in many forms–from free practice tests to flashcards and online courses. Most students think that GED learning online is a convenient way of studying. Online GED learning provides many advantages over classroom setting or home school. The strengths include:

  • Convenience – Many online GED test prep courses are self-paced and can be taken either by day or night time. Students find online prep courses to be more convenient than traditional classroom education as it can be taken anytime, anywhere.
  • Interactivity – Online GED resources are often much more immersive than conventional books as students get access to online practice tests which offer automated, instant scoring.
  • Cost – Most of the GED online courses are free and no cost.

🖥️ Best Resources for Online GED Prep Courses

Although you can’t take the GED test online, you can access many reliable online GED courses that are sure to make you do your best on the day of the test. Here are some of the best online GED courses you can use for GED prep and training.

#1: Official GED Website

This is by far the best resource you can use for your GED prep. It does not only offer a variety of high-quality, live online GED courses but also helps you find in-person prep courses near you. Each live class lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and is taught by an experienced Kaplan instructor. Costs are $129 for 90-day access to all 4 subjects. Alternately, you can also get 45-day access to a single subject for $59 (Language Arts or Math only).

The GED Testing Service can provide practice tests, practice question cards at $6-$15 per subject if you do not want to pay a lot for a course. Course materials can be accessed using your computer, smartphone, or tablet, any time and anywhere.

#2: Kaplan

Aside from the live online GED courses that Kaplan does in partnership with the GED Testing Service, the company also offers its own online self-paced GED course for $129. This 3-month course is suitable for working adults and children as you can study on your own tempo and at your own time. For this course, you will have access to over 150 instructional videos, several GED practice questions, and a final practice test.

#3: UGO Prep

UGO Prep offers a 2-week top-notch online GED course if you are in a time constraint. Real GED questions from previous examinations are included in online practice tests, and the interface is incredibly similar to what you’ll see on test day.

One-Month access to the full study package of the four subject costs $69.99. You may also purchase add-on features such as math lecture videos ($9.99), audio lectures ($24.99), and flashcards ($14.99). If you want longer access to the study package, you have the option to upgrade to lifetime access by adding $15 more.

#4: Union Test Prep

If you are looking for free online GED courses, Union Test Prep may be the best alternative for you. This firm offers a wide range of free GED prep materials, from full practice exams to flashcards to study manuals.

Although these tools are not a GED online course in the traditional way, you can use them to create your own GED review sessions. With Union Test Prep, you get an overview of the varying types of questions and subjects that you can expect from the GED for all subjects.

📍 GED Courses Near Me

Find a GED course near you or enroll in online GED courses. In online GED courses, you are your own leader, and you have complete control over how long and when you study. It is helpful to develop study suggestions since it will assist you in preparing for the GED test faster.

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💭 GED Questions

What is a GED course?

A GED course is the curriculum that you should take to earn the qualifications accepted in all 50 States as equivalent to a secondary education diploma. The GED course will help you strengthen your academic knowledge and expertise in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies.

How long is a GED course?

GED preparation classes can usually be found throughout the year. The table below shows the expected course length:

Course Type




8 to 16 weeks



About 4 months

2 to 4 hours per day, 3 to 5 days per week

Is the GED easier than the SAT?

GED is better than the SAT, but GED is often tough for students taking it because they usually did poor grades in high school and dropped out. It’s hard to improve your performance by learning and reviewing when you are already performing low.

Can I take college courses without GED?

Students without a high school diploma or a GED certificate can attend college. Even so, many people find it easier to fill in the details on their missing credentials. A diploma or GED certificate allows you to apply to additional schools, programs, and courses.