GED Mathematical reasoning 2


If a class has 10 men and 14 women, what is the ratio of men to the class?

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The ratio to the class would mean the following: How many men are there in comparison to the class as a whole (men and women combined).

If rope costs $3.20 per yard, or $0.15 per inch, which is the better deal?

NOTE: 1 yard equals 3 feet equals 36 inches

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Breaking down the word problem, you're essentially left with two operations: division and multiplication.

Which of the following ratio pairs forms a proportion?

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Answer 2 is the only answer in which the two ratios would be the same with a common denominator.

The line connecting points (3,-6) and (-9,2) has slope:

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The equation for determining slope is as follows:
m=y2 - y1x2 - x1 where x1 is not equal to x2.

>A line with the coordinates (7,y) and (-2,-4) has slope 3/4. What is the value of y?

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The equation for determining slope is as follows:
m=y2 - y1/x2 - x1 where x1 is not equal to x2.

Solve for b:

a = 14
b = ?
c = 50

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Use the equation a2 + b2 = c2, plug in the known values, and solve.

Two supplementary angles have measures of 9x degrees and 3x degrees. What is the measure of the longer angle?

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Supplementary angles must add up to 180 degrees. Using that logic, you can solve for x.

Determine the coordinates for the midpoint of a segment with the following endpoints: (12,-8) and (8,-4).

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The following can help you determine midpoint coordinates:
x1+x2/2, y1+y2/2

A triangle has an area of 110 square inches and a base of 15 inches. Which answer best pinpoints the height?

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To determine the area of a triangle, use the equation
A=1/2bh (or base times height)
The problem gives you the area as being 110 square inches. Plug that in for A.
Next, plug in 15 inches for base (also given) and solve for h.

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