GED Math Test- Complete Guidance

GED Math Test

Many people are concerned with the math portion of the GED exam. Unfortunately, it even prevents many from even completing the GED exam. However, you complete the GED math section with flying colors, with a little study and some guidance.

The GED Math test has 46 questions, which has to be finished within 115 minutes or less. You need to get a correct score of at least 145 to pass this portion. A calculator and formula and symbols sheet will be provided. The GED math test questions cover topics like measurement and geometry; number operations and number sense; algebra, functions, and patterns; and, data analysis, statistics, and probability.

The GED Math Exam is split into two sections. The GED Math Test is divided into two parts. In the first part, there are 5 test questions, and you are not allowed to use a calculator here. On the other hand, the second part has 41 test questions, and you are allowed to use your calculator provided that it is a TI-30XS on-screen calculator

Who can take the GED Math Test?

Unless you meet these requirements criteria, you are eligible for the GED math test:

  • You are 16 years old or older
  • You are not enrolled in high school
  • You have not graduated from high school
  • You have fulfilled the specific requirements of your state

How much does the GED Math Test cost?

In several states, the GED Math Test costs 30 dollars or lower. However, students are encouraged to look up their state prices at the GED website as prices may vary.

What kind of math is on the GED Test?

The GED Math Test section consists of two types of problems: quantitative problem-solving and algebraic problem-solving. Some of the many subjects are as follows:

  • Mean & median
  • Surface area
  • Slope of a line
  • Perimeter
  • Circumference
  • Simple interest
  • Pythagorean theorem
  • Quadratic formula
  • Total cost

What score do you need to pass the GED Math Test?

The GED score system is complicated, so one question is not always equal to one point. Some items are fill in the blank or multiple choice, in which multiple answers have to be selected, which means multiple points. There are 46 questions in the GED Math Section, and a score of 145-164 is considered a passing score. There’s no specific number of items you can skip and still pass, yet according to the GED Testing Service, you need about 60 to 65 percent of your points to pass. That said, you must obtain a score of at least 145 to pass the GED math test. The highest rating is 164, and anything below 145 is deemed to have failed.

How many times can you retake the GED Math Test?

There are no limits on how many times you will take the GED Math Test. Typically, you may take the GED three times, and wait 60 days after the third attempt. Similar rules apply for students taking exams in different languages. For instance, if a student took the test 3 times in Spanish, you’ll have to wait for 60 days to take it again in English after the third attempt. However, some states have individual rules on retaking the exam. That is why students are encouraged to check their state’s retesting policy.

How to pass the GED math test?

In GED high school certificate examination, math is the most feared subject. Anxiety about mathematics is real. Fear of mathematics will affect your chance of success in passing the GED math test.

The good news is, you can get rid of math anxiety. You can change the way you feel about math by tutoring yourself by taking GED practice tests or GED online classes and practice tests you can search online, such as the following:

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Moreover, you may also look for a GED math test tutor, use the following tips for GED math test prep:

  • Carefully translate word problems
  • Make use of Approximation & Estimation
  • Remember the Golden Rule of Scientific Notation
  • Use the whole test time
  • Read the information carefully before answering
  • Apply your knowledge of Number Properties
  • Treat Data Analysis problems like an open-book examination
  • Remember the rules of exponent
  • Don’t find the answer among the choices, instead rewrite it

Frequently Asked Questions

What is on the GED math test?

The GED Math Test includes topics including number operations and number sense; measurement and geometry; data analysis, statistics, and probability; and algebra, functions, and patterns.

Is 154 on the GED Ready Math test good enough?

Since you are now reaching above 145, this means that you have a good understanding of the test. By this point, don’t overthink on things you already know. Instead, focus and triple down on the things you’re still a little shaky. If you can polish this up, you’re more than good to go.

What kind of math has to be known for the latest GED test?

You don’t have to memorize them, but you need to learn when and how to use them appropriately. The four major areas of the examination include arithmetic algebra, geometry, and data analysis.

Can I pass the GED without passing the math section?

There are three different high school equivalency tests in use in the United States-GED, TASC, and HiSet. To obtain the certificate, you must pass all sections of the test. This means you need to pass all the four sections of the GED Test.

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