CompTIA Operational Procedure 2


If an engineer is looking for a Python script in a computer's documents folder, what file extension should he or she look for?

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Correct answer: .py

The following is a description of a device used to safeguard electrical devices from large voltage fluctuations:

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Correct answer: Surge suppressor

When Eddie overhears his IT manager arguing with a network administrator about how to properly dispose of computer equipment as he prepares to leave work for the day, what should you tell him? You explain how the administrator may easily refer to the safety data page (SDS) when the IT manager summons you to examine disposal instructions. The IT manager then inquires as to who is in charge of the SDS.

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Correct answer: OSHA

To clean the inside of a printer, which of the following tools would be used? (Choose all of the options that apply.)

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Correct answer: Can of compressed air & Toner vacuum

In the event that Ivan is cleaning out one of the old printers with a shop vacuum in the back room at work, what kind of vacuum should he use? You tell Ivan to stop using the shop vacuum as soon as you walk in, warning him that he could damage the printer components.

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Correct answer: specialized anti-static vacuum

The elements of the first response in circumstances , where users are identified in violation of policies pertaining to forbidden content or conduct should include: (Choose all of the options that apply.)

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Correct answer: Preservation of data and devices, Reporting via the appropriate channels, Identifying the issue

The executives have been contemplating how to avoid a repetition of a recent power outage that knocked the company offline for 30 minutes. During the planning and design stages, they enlist your help as an IT expert. According to one CEO, how can you tell how much a surge suppressor can withstand? So, what are your options for responding to him?

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Correct answer: joule rating

The ability of a suppressor to handle a surge will be measured in joules. A higher rating in this area indicates that you'll be able to protect yourself more successfully from higher line voltages.

A chronological record outlining persons in possession of an evidence is referred to as ___________ in forensic processes.

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Correct answer: Chain of custody

A chronological record outlining persons in possession of an evidence is referred to as a chain of custody.

What is the first step in successful incident response after an event report has been filed?

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Correct answer: Confirm that a failure occurred.

The first step is to confirm that an incident has happened or is happening right now. You can go on to the next phase of the incident response procedure after you've recognized this.

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