CompTIA Hardware Practice Test #1


What kind of connector is often used to transfer electricity from a PC's power supply to an internal hard drive, CD or DVD drive?

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Correct answer: Molex

Molex connectors can be found in older desktop PCs and supply power to components such as hard drives and CD drives. Because most current PCs use SATA disks with specific SATA Power cords, the use of Molex connections has declined dramatically.

Which of the following statements best defines RAID 10?

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Correct answer: RAID 10 offers data redundancy as well as quicker performance.

RAID 10 (also known as RAID 1 + 0) combines RAIDs 1 and 0 into a single disk array, providing data redundancy as well as quicker performance.

Your manager has requested that you bring him a DE-15 connection. Which of the following does he mean?

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Correct answer: VGA

VGA has a 15-pin DE connector.

Which of the following choices incorrectly defines the functionality of parity RAM or parity memory?

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Correct answer: Parity RAM has the ability to self-correct identified errors.

A parity bit is used in parity memory or parity RAM (Random Access Memory) to identify mistakes. Parity memory is excellent for identifying mistakes but provides no means of correcting them once they occur. Error-correcting code memory (ECC) allows for automatic error repair but not parity memory.

What kind of connector with 40 pins is utilized for internal hard drives?

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Correct answer: IDE

IDE (also known as Parallel ATA) contains 40 or 80 pins, with the latter being considerably more typical.

Which of the following is an advantage of having a multi-core processor?

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Correct answer: Multiple threads can be managed at the same time

Threads are used by processors to execute computations, and each processor core can only handle one thread at a time. Additional cores enhance processor speed by allowing several threads to execute at the same time. When several threads are used in an application on a single core CPU, the threads do not operate concurrently, restricting performance.

Which video cable is capable of transmitting both digital and analog signals?

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Correct answer: DVI-I

DVI-I (Digital Visual Interface - Integrated) may transmit both digital and analog signals. Digital only cable options include DVI-D (Digital), HDMI, and Mini-HDMI.

Which of the following statements about NVMe is correct?

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Correct answer: NVMe is a data access protocol

Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) is a protocol that provides extremely fast access to Solid State Drives (SSDs). The key point to remember about NVMe is that it simply describes how data is read and transmitted. The NVMe protocol is supported by M.2 and PCIe-based SSDs. NVMe cannot be compared to M.2 since M.2 is a physical form factor standard rather than a protocol. Consider NVMe to be the logical side, whereas M.2 is the physical side.

Which of the following statements about M.2 drive is correct?

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Correct answer: M.2 drives are directly connected to the motherboard

M.2 drives connect directly to the motherboard and do not require any power or data connections.

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