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This protocol is frequently associated with Active Directory in a Windows system for central control of a user database. What is the name of this protocol?

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LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) often works in conjunction with Active Directory to provide user authentication and management in a network. It is the successor to the DAP (Directory Access Protocol).

Bong is setting up a new wireless network at his home office and wants some help choosing the right equipment. He requires a device that will not interfere with his 2.4 GHz phones and has a speed of at least 54 Mbps. Which wireless technology would you recommend to Bong?

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802.11n is the only option listed that can operate at either 2.4 or 5 GHz and has a theoretical maximum speed of 600 Mbps; it would also provide the least amount of interference if using the 5 GHz band. 802.11b/g both operate at 2.4 GHz only which could possibly interfere with any other devices in that frequency.

Anthea's new clothing company is rapidly expanding, with plans to add 300 new retail outlets in the next five years. All of these locations will require multiple public IP addresses per store, although they presently have only four. She'd like to implement a new system that would allow her to avoid being restricted by IP addresses in the near future. Which addressing system would you suggest?

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The public IPv4 address space has been exhausted for quite some time now, meaning that all of these addresses have been purchased or allocated, usually by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Many technical savvy companies have already begun the transition to using IPv6, which contains a possible 340 undecillion addresses, or 2 to the 128th power (yes, a lot of addresses). Many, if not all, ISPs have IPv6 enabled equipment already in operation.

A network of devices utilized in your car, such as connecting your cell phone to the car through Bluetooth, is known as what kind of network?

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PAN (Personal Area Networks ) are networks designed just for you, typically in a very short range. Connecting your cell phone to your car via Bluetooth, or connecting a set of Bluetooth speakers to your cell phone, would both qualify as a PAN.

A network that connects two cities is known as a ____ network?

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Wide Area Networks, also known as WAN, are networks that are connected across long distances, such as city to city or state to state.

In your new home, you've just set up a wifi access point upstairs. When you go down into the basement, though, you lose your signal and are unable to access the Internet. What kind of equipment could you get if you didn't want to buy another access point but still wanted a wireless connection?

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A repeater can re-send the wireless signal into an area that is not covered by the original access point. This would be a good alternative option to buying another access point and can easily repeat the signal onto another floor of a home.

Sally is at her business office in a remote part of town when a thunderstorm causes her laptop to lose Internet service. She uses satellite, so she might have to wait till the storm passes before getting online again. She asks you for a temporary solution because she just has her cell phone with her. What would you recommend?

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Using your cell phone, you have the ability to turn on tethering. This effectively enables you to use your phone as a wireless router that can be connected to network devices, such as a laptop. A similar option is known as a mobile hotspot.

Switches that are designed to participate in routing choices are commonly known as what?

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This is commonly referred to as a Layer 3 switch, as routing decisions work at Layer 3 of the OSI model (network layer) and switches are normally considered Layer 2 devices.

What kind of technology allows signaling and bearer channels to be used?

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ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) uses bearer (B) channels to send data and uses D channels for signaling and control.

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