CompTIA Networking Practice Test #1


What address should you use as the default gateway address when manually configuring TCP/IP settings on a PC in a SOHO network?

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The default gateway address is the address that a computer sends traffic to if it has no other route in its routing table. That would apply to most Internet addresses, so the default gateway is the device that sends traffic out to the Internet: the Internet router. is what kind of IP address?

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IPv4 addresses follow the format of four decimal octets. IPv6 format is eight hexadecimal quartets. IP addresses that begin with 192.168 are in the RFC1918 set of private addresses.

For twisted pair cabling, which connection sets are used?

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RJ11 and RJ45 are used in twisted pair cabling, commonly for phone lines and ethernet, respectively.

What router setting can you use to restrict access to the router to only the devices you specified in the configuration?

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With MAC filtering enabled, only devices with a MAC address that is listed in the MAC filtering table on the router are allowed access.

This type of wireless encryption is usually seen in larger businesses, and each user must log in with their own credentials. What does this technology's name stand for?

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This is an enterprise grade solution built off of WPA2 encryption. This disables shared wireless access using one password and requires each user to use unique credentials for access.

What must our SOHO router do in order for devices on our local IPv4 network to communicate with other devices on the Internet?

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NAT (Network Address Translation) allows our private local network IPv4 addresses to be translated into a public IP address capable of connecting over the Internet. This can also be used with IPv6, due to security advantages, although it is less likely.

Which Internet connection type is limited to a area near the central office and can rely on existing wiring infrastructure?

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Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is limited by the distance from the central office for communication and can make use of existing phone lines already in place at your home or business.

Where could you install a Web server that is publically accessible from the Internet but isolated from the rest of your network?

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By creating a DMZ (demilitarized zone), you are setting up a a separate network that is accessible from the Internet. A DMZ makes certain services available to external users while denying access to the rest of your network. Services typically segmented by a DMZ could include: email servers, Web servers, and FTP servers.

Harrold is setting up a new Web server at work, but he doesn't want DHCP to provide it with a new IP address each time he reboots it for maintenance. What kind of Internet address should Harrold assign to the new Web server?

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Static addresses are those that are manually assigned and entered on a device. This will effectively disable DHCP. He should also reserve the IP address in the DHCP pool as good practice to prevent it from being leased to another device.

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