CompTIA Software Troubleshooting Practice Test 2


When a user starts his computer web browser, he receives many pop-ups. What type of malicious software could it be?

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Any software program in which advertising banners are displayed while the program is running is referred to as adware.

To view logs on an iOS device, which of these programs is needed?

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To view logs on an iOS device, you would need the Xcode application.

A user is having trouble connecting his Bluetooth headphones to his smartphone. Which of the following should the user try first?

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The first step to troubleshooting Bluetooth connectivity issues is very basic; you should confirm that you have Bluetooth turned “on” on the device in question. If it is on, then sometimes toggling it off and back on can help. Steps like rebooting should come a little later in the troubleshooting process.

A technician detected malware on a user's computer after investigating symptoms that appeared on the computer. What is the technician's next course of action?

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The steps for malware removal are as follows: 1. identify and research malware symptoms 2. quarantine the infected system 3. disable system restore 4. remediate the infected system 5. schedule scan and run updates 6.enable system restore and create a restore point 7. educate the user

Disappearing files may indicate ____ .

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Certain types of malware can cause files to disappear either by deleting them or simply renaming them.

A technician wants to look at the logs on his Android smartphone. What program could the technician use to look at these logs?

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To view logs on an Android device, you could use the application Logcat.

When a user launched a web browser, she observed that the website did not appear like her usual home page. She also discovered that her default search engine had been replaced by a third-party service she had never heard of. What kind of attack is this user most likely to experience?

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If you find your browser has been changed, or that the results of a search come from a third-party site, it is likely that your browser has been redirected by malware.

This is known as ____. It occurs when a user believes they are downloading a legitimate antivirus program, but the antivirus program turns out to be malware.

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When malware is disguised as a legitimate antivirus, this is known as a rogue antivirus.

It takes an extremely long time for a user's computer to boot up. What can be done to help resolve the issue?

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Having too many programs run upon startup can cause a computer to start up much slower than is desirable. One solution is to navigate to the Task Manager and disable any startup programs that are not needed.

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