CompTIA Networking Practice Test 3


Andrea is enjoying on her new desktop computer when the computer abruptly shuts down. She double-checks that the power cords are still in place, which they are. Her parents inform her that the power outlet she is using has always created problems, so she feels she should check the power supply in her computer. What device could she use to double-check both voltages?

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A multimeter would be able to check voltage readings from both the power outlet and power supply. This would help narrow down the source of any power issues. A power supply tester’s intended use is strictly to test the power supply unit.

Adrian is a data scientist who spends a lot of time on his desktop computer playing around with large data file. Adrian hears a very loud clicking noise as he tries to pull up one particularly large file. What does this mean?

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Typical hard drives consist of several moving parts required to read and write data. Loud clicking noises usually indicate one of these components inside the drive has failed. Constantly having to read extremely large file sizes could potentially accelerate hard drive failure.

Billy enjoys music and recently borrowed a USB drive from a friend to transfer a new record to his computer. After he's finished, he leaves the USB drive plugged in and turns the computer off for the night. When he tries to start his computer the next day, he gets an error screen that says "OS Not Found." What could the issue be?

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The computer sets up the OS boot sequence in the BIOS. It lists the order in which it should look for an operating system. If the USB drive is listed in a higher priority, it will check here first for the system files. If none are found, or if they are corrupted, it may display this message.

Jack is an avid gamer who spends many hours on his computer playing the latest World of Warcraft installment (WoW). He's been playing for an incredible 36 hours straight during this session! He catches a whiff of a burning smell coming from his computer and turns it down right away. What exactly is the issue?

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Burning smells usually indicate hardware that has burned out or a bad capacitor. To protect other components of your computer from potential damage, it is best to completely power off your machine until you can investigate the cause.

Jay has owned his computer for quite some time and was just telling a friend about how dependable it was. He tries to turn on his computer the next morning, but nothing happens. He double-checks that all cords are plugged in, but it still doesn't work. What could the problem be?

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A computer with no power will not turn on. This could be caused by issues with the power supply inside the computer case, or issues with power coming from the outlet. Even if the cord is plugged in, either of these locations could be lacking in power, thus there would be no transfer of power.

After connecting 100 ethernet cables for your new workplace, you discover that one of the PCs to which you connected them appears to be unconnected. You need to locate the other end of the cable in the data closet, but you forgot to name the cables. What tools could you use to locate the cable's other end?

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By plugging in a tone generator at the jack of one end of the cable, you can find the other end by waving a toner probe around the area you think it could be. A loud tone noise will generate when you have found the end of the cable.

What tool would you use to secure the RJ45 connector to the ethernet connection's wiring?

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A connector is typically crimped as the last step in the process after creating an ethernet cable. This securely tightens down the wiring to the correct spots inside the connector for electrical signals to pass.

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