CompTIA Operational Procedure #1


Which of the following words is used to describe an environmental control system?

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Correct answer: HVAC

HVAC refers to an environmental control system.

In the following scenario, what should he do to put out the fire?
After hearing the fire alarm in the network room, you see smoke flowing from a server. One of your coworkers is already attempting to calm it down with a pail of water as you yell and urge him to stop.

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Correct answer: a fire extinguisher of class C

For electrical fires, special dry fire prevention or extinguishing chemicals, such as carbon dioxide, should always be used.

What situation is referred to by the phrase "brownout"?

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Correct answer: Voltage drop (temporary)

The term "Brownout" refers to temporary drop in voltage.

What would be excluded from personally identifiable information (PII)?

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Correct answer: Name of a high school teacher

Your address, first and last name, social security number, date of birth, and work details are included in personally identifiable information (Pll).

What exactly does the phrase "blackout" mean?

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Correct answer: Power outage

Power outage refers to the term "Blackout".

In the following scenario, what special safety devices would be most appropriate for his environment?
After selling yourself as an IT consultant, one possible client calls you about multiple network design projects at his organization. There are tons of airborne particles afloat all the time in the factory where he works. He's curious about any unique considerations he should make when setting up his machines.

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A device designed to provide emergency power in the event of a main power loss is known as:

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Correct answer: UPS

A device designed to provide emergency power during an unexpected main power source outage is called UPS.

What is the best way to describe the objective of electrical grounding if you're the senior administrator and a new employee at the IT help desk has just started, and you've been tasked with showing him the ropes? While reviewing general safety procedures, the new employee inquires about the target of grounding electrical systems.

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Correct answer: a method of removing unwanted electrical discharge from connected components

Grounding allows any excess electrical charges to be securely transported away from the equipment receiving the power. This prevents the electrical spike from destroying the linked gadget right away.

Which of the following solutions adds redundancy to places where single points of failure have been identified? (Choose all of the options that apply.)

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Correct answer: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), RAID, Backup generator

The following solutions add(s) redundancy in areas identified as single points of failure.

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