ServSafe Regulatory Authorities Test 2


The term “NSF” stands for:

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NSF stands for the National Sanitation Foundation. The National Sanitation Foundation is an agency that oversees the development of kitchen equipment and has resources regarding food safety tips.

How often should health inspectors inspect your foodservice establishment?

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Health inspectors should inspect your foodservice establishment at least once a year. If you have violations, you can expect the food inspector to give a visit more than once a year.

Under which condition is a food inspector most likely to close your food establishment?

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A food inspector is most likely to close your food establishment if two or more complaints of sickness have been reported by customers. Before closing your establishment after receiving the complaints, the inspector will come to your restaurant to find evidence. If the inspector finds evidence for the food outbreak, you can expect to be closed until the risk is eliminated.

Which of the following agencies is responsible for controlling food safety in your restaurant?

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The agencies responsible for controlling food safety in your local restaurant is the state or local Department of Health. While federal agencies can give advice and guidance for food safety issues, it is the state or local municipality which administers the food safety standards of a restaurant.

Poor food safety standards can result in the following events except:

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Poor food safety standards will not lead to lower operating costs. While it might seem easy to skip food safety steps, it will end up costing you more money in the end through fines, lawsuits, and most importantly an ever-declining number of customers.

If you plan on operating a mobile food cart, the best food safety plan is to:

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If you are planning on operating a mobile food cart, the best food safety plan is to consult local ordinances. The rules and regulations for operating a mobile food cart are different from the ordinances for running a restaurant, so make sure to comply with all local rules.

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