Allergens Practice Test 3


When there is a designated person to assist a guest with a food allergy, what is that person's job?

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The goal of the designated person is to make sure a guest with a food allergy gets the correct order. By checking each step in the process, it is much more likely that one designated person will get the order correct than it would be if multiple employees were involved.

If cross-contact occurs and is caught by staff before the dish goes to the guest, what should be done about it?

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Any amount of cross-contact could transfer enough food protein to trigger an allergic reaction. In all circumstances, the safety of the guest comes before the inconvenience of recooking their order.

Who is the best person to deliver a meal to a guest with food allergies?

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Having the designated person deliver the food reduces the chance of cross-contact. It ensures that the dish will be delivered to the right guest without additional garnishes or sauces being added.

Confirming an allergen special order meal at pickup is mandatory.

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Pickup is the last chance to confirm that an order is correct before it is delivered to the guest. The person delivering the order should verbally confirm the meal then carry it by hand to the guest.

Cross-contact and cross-contamination mean the same thing

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These two terms are frequently misused or used interchangeably. Cross-contamination is the common cause of foodborne illnesses. Cross-contact is when two foods touch and mix proteins.

Which of the following is not a shellfish?

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Examples of shellfish include lobster, shrimp, crab, and mollusks.

Which of the following describes a food allergy?

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The immune system’s job is to protect the body from foreign pathogens. During an allergic reaction, the immune system believes that a harmless food protein, or allergen, is toxic to the body and attempts to destroy it.

Before serving an allergen special order to the guest, what can be done to prevent cross-contact?

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An allergen special order should be delivered by hand to the guest so that there are no opportunities for cross-contact. Serving sauces and sides on separate dishes are additional ways to prevent cross-contact.

Gluten is found in which of the following?

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A wheat (gluten) allergy can cause a large problem for an individual when you consider that it is the most prominent grain product in America. Examples of foods containing wheat are pasta, bread crumbs, and couscous.

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