ServSafe Personal Hygiene Test 3


Employee training concerning personal hygiene should start:

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An employee should begin to be trained in matters concerning personal hygiene after the employee has been hired. This ensures that the employee will come to his or her first day of work in a sanitary and acceptable manner.

In a restaurant, hand sanitizer can be used after:

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Hand sanitizer can be used only after washing your hands. Since there is no substitute for washing your hands, the only logical time you could use hand sanitizer is during a time when it will not affect the ability to kill germs; in particular, after washing your hands.

Of the following listed items, which one is a kitchen employee permitted to wear when working in the kitchen?

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Of the listed items, a kitchen employee is permitted to wear eyeglasses when working in the kitchen. While all non-essential items should be taken off before working, items which are required to wear on the part of the employee are perfectly acceptable.

An employee enters the restaurant and changes, clocks in, sanitizes their hands, and begins to work. What did this employee forget?

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The employee has forgotten to wash their hands, which is not listed as an answer choice. While the employee used hand sanitizer, they did not sanitize their hands using the correct process. Remember, nothing substitutes for washing your hands correctly.

Food handlers should wash their hands after which of the following events?

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All of the above listed answers require kitchen workers and other food handlers to wash their hands. Since all the answers are potential chemical or biological hazards, employees should make sure to wash their hands to prevent cross contamination.

Which of the following rules is the most important regarding the safety of food in the restaurant?

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Washing hands is the most important rule to follow to ensure proper food safety in your food service establishment. While the other answers are important, there is no substitute or greater rule than hand washing.

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