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Which level of government should be consulted when making food safety decisions, listing the most important (first) resource to last resource?

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Local then State then Federal is the order in which to consult when making food safety decisions. First, check the Local ordinances for your food safety requirements, such as the City or County department of health. Second, you should research the State government requirements to make sure you comply with them. Thirdly, you would use Federal resources. The Federal government gives the burden of food safety standards to the States when it comes to restaurants, since the State inspects restaurants. Some Cities, such as New York City, have their own set or requirements. This means that NYC officials will inspect your restaurant instead of State or County representatives. For this reason, it is important to first check the Local requirements, followed by the State requirements, and finally using Federal resources for general information.

The model for food safety standards is based on a system called:

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The model for food safety standards is based on a system called Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HAACP). This system is used to assess risks in your restaurant, as well as pinpoint critical areas regarding food safety and critical steps that should always be followed. The HACCP model is the ideal system for setting up a trainer to trainee system of food safety, ensuring that managers and lower employees understand their risks and roles in preventing such risks.

If a customer chokes on a piece of food, the following action can help:

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The Heimlich maneuver is the correct action to take if someone is choking on a piece of food. If the situation cannot be solved immediately, you should call an ambulance to assist or/and take the person to the hospital.

To help employees understand the local ordinances of food safety, the following actions are recommended:

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The correct answer is Posting signs that detail the basic food safety techniques will help employees understand the local ordinances of food safety. Much of the time, companies that supply your cleaning agents will have these signs and will give them to you. While they are not extensive, they serve as the best method to remind people of their food handling responsibilities. While this answer is the best choice, having daily discussions regarding food safety will also help tremendously.

Which of the following federal agencies is responsible for the regulation of meat and poultry products within the United States?

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The USDA is responsible for the regulation of meat and poultry products. Their jurisdiction includes meat products, poultry, eggs, and milk. For more information on the responsibilities of the USDA, visit

What is the purpose of obtaining and saving Material Safety Data Sheets of each food used in the kitchen?

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Saving Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) is important since you can easily identify risks associated with the raw ingredients, as well as any allergen that might be present. It is important to identify these risks and allergens so that customers with acute needs can be made aware of any possible risk to their health.

Which of the following regulatory bodies has the ability to inspect individual restaurants within a national food chain?

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None of the above listed agencies has the ability to inspect individual restaurants, even if the restaurant is part of a national food chain. While government bodies have the right to review the food safety practices of a national food chain, it is the responsibility of the state to inspect the individual restaurant.

A food outbreak is defined as an event:

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A food outbreak is defined as an event with two or more complaints with regards to food borne illness. Once two people make a claim of becoming sick due to a food poisoning event, the event becomes defined as a food outbreak.

The following method is the best method for teaching employees the proper methods of food safety:

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All of the above listed practices are good ways to teach an employee about proper food safety practices. In fact, using a number of methods engages the employee to critically think about food safety, making oversight less of an issue.

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