ServSafe Alcohol Test – Primary and Advanced 2


You can sue the business, business owner, and employees in a dram shop case.

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Although dram shop rules limit the amount of money that can be awarded, everyone working at the facility can be sued.

In the last four hours, a customer has drank six beverages. Each drink included 1.5 ounces of alcohol with a proof of 100. What is the most likely state of his health right now?

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The customer is probably drunk and shouldn't be driving. The typical human body can only process one ounce of 100 proof alcohol every hour, and he's had more than that because each drink was 1.5 ounces.

When do you decide to discontinue serving alcohol?

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When a customer shows signs of intoxication or you grow concerned about how many drinks they've had, you should discontinue serving them.

Municipal laws are frequently more strict than state laws.

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The statement above is true. Liquor regulations vary by state and are frequently more stringent at the local, city, and county levels (municipal).

Two visitors who were pleased when they first arrived at your establishment are now arguing. You don't believe you or the other visitors are at any immediate risk. So, what are your options?

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Keep a watch on the situation in case it gets out of hand, and make your boss aware of any potential issues.

Which of the following statements should be avoided when addressing a customer?

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It's critical to demonstrate real care for your customer's safety, so saying "I'm just doing my job" isn't the ideal response.

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