Purchasing, Receiving And Storage Test 3


If you are preparing a fish dish that contains clams and mussels and notice the clams and mussels are open before cooking you should:

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If you are preparing a shellfish dish and the clams and mussels are open prior to cooking, you should throw the shellfish out. Opened clams and mussels is a sure sign of food spoilage. Therefore, it is important to throw such foods in the garbage.

Scombroid poisoning can be prevented by:

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The only way to prevent scombroid poisoning is to follow proper temperature controls immediately after catching fish. For this reason, the restaurant manager should ensure that seafood such as tuna, dolphin, and bluefish are bought from a reputable dealer. Scombroid poisoning is caused by histamine produced after fish have been caught, so it cannot be removed after the fact by being cooked within 24 hours or by cooking to any temperature.

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