FSA Practice Test (7th Grade: Math)


What is the expression's result?

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Correct answer: 21

-7(-3) = 21

Kc is conducting a survey to determine which sport her high school's students like. Which of the following categories should she survey in order to gather reliable data?

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Correct answer: students in the cafeteria

Students in the cafeteria would be the best group to survey to obtain valid data.

What is the constant of proportionality between them (the ratio of x to y) if y is proportional to x, and y = 4 when x = 6?

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Correct answer: 3/2

3/2 is the constant of proportionality when y = 4 and x = 6. To find the constant of proportionality, apply the concept of unit rate. Since y is proportional to x, that means for every 6 of x, there is 4 of y. Simplifying the ratio 6/4 = 3/2.

What is the median of these figures?

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Correct answer: 9

Write the numbers in order:
Since we have 7 numbers (7 is odd), then the median is the number in the middle, which is 9.

The bag contains 12 shirts and 16 pants. What is the overall clothing to pants ratio? (in its simplest form)

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Correct answer: 7/4

The ratio of total clothing to pants is 7/4.

In 54 seconds, a sprinter completes 400 meters. In meters per second, what is the runner's average running rate? Round to the nearest tenth.

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Correct answer: 7.4 meters per second

400 ÷ 54 = 7.4

A meeting room can hold a maximum of 140 people, according to building code. There is one large table and several tiny tables in the room. The huge table seats 15 people when fully occupied, while the little tables each seat 5 people.
Which of the following methods can be used to get t, the maximum number of little tables that can be filled while the large table is likewise full?

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Correct answer: 5t + 15 ≤ 140

The 3rd choice can be used to find t.

Keith consumes a bowl of cereal for three of his four daily meals. In eight days, he finishes two gallons of milk. For one bowl of cereal, how much milk does Keith use? (Assume he only takes milk when he eats cereal.)

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Correct answer: One-twelfth of a gallon of milk

First, find out how much cereal Keith eats in 8 days:
(1) 3 bowls per day x 8 days = 24 bowls
Since it takes 2 gallons of milk to eat 24 bowls of cereal, set up the ratio and simplify:
(2) 2/24 (GCF is 2, so divide numerator and denominator to find simplest form)
(3) 1/12
Therefore, Keith uses 1/12 of a gallon of milk in each bowl of cereal.

Alcohol makes up 4% of a chemical solution. What is the volume of the solution if there is 24 mL of alcohol?

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Correct answer: 600 ml

4% of the volume of the solution is alcohol. Let 𝑥 be the volume of the solution.
Then: 4% 𝑜𝑓 𝑥=24 𝑚𝑙⇒0.04𝑥=24⇒𝑥=24÷0.04=600

To the nearest tenth, round 23.542.

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Correct answer: 23.5

2nd choice is the correct answer.

Cynde surveyed 60 pupils at her school and discovered that 42 of them ride the bus to school every day. How many students at Cynde's school ride the bus to school each day if there are 320 students?

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Correct answer: 224

42 is what percent of 60 = 70%
320 x 70% = 224

What is the value of the following expression:
|40| + |-7|

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Correct answer: 47

|40| + |-7| = 47

Which of the following is an algebraic statement that shows the relationship between a and b.

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Correct answer: b = 3a

In each case, if we multiply a by 3, we get b.
b = 3a is the correct answer.

The cost of a television has been reduced by 10% to $360. What was the original price of it?

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Correct answer: 400

Let 𝑥 be the original price.
If the price of a television is decreased by 10% to $360, then:

Round to the nearest tenth, 47.941.

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Correct answer: 47.9

2nd choice is the correct answer.

A 20-foot extension ladder usually costs $225 at a hardware store. The ladders have been reduced by 20% this week. What is the price of the ladders for sale?

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Correct answer: 180

225 - 20% = 180

For 15 minutes of work, a carpenter charged $12. What would the carpenter charge for an hour of work at this rate?

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Correct answer: $48

1 hour = 60 minutes
60 ÷ 15 = 4
4 x 12 = 48

A proportional relationship is shown in the graph below.
What is the constant of proportionality?

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Correct answer: 1/2

In order to find the constant of proportionality, choose points along the line and then find the relationship between the x-coordinate and y-coordinate.

Two points are (2, 1) and (4, 2). This shows that the value of the y-coordinate is half of the value of the x-coordinate.

Therefore, the constant of proportionality is 1/2.

A tablet is three times the price of a phone, and a phone is five times the price of a tablet. What is the pricing of the phone if the tablet costs $200 more than the phone?

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Correct answer: 300

Let 𝐿 be the price of phone and 𝐶 be the price of tablet.
3(𝐿)=5(𝐶) 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝐿=$200+𝐶
Therefore, 3($200+𝐶)=5𝐶⇒$600+3𝐶=5𝐶⇒𝐶=$300

Solve the expression below:
5/6 x 1/2 =

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Correct answer: 5/12

5/6 x 1/2 = 5/12

8 cups flour is used in a muffin recipe that makes 24 muffins. How much flour would Cherry require if she wants to make 60 muffins?

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Correct answer: 20

60 ÷ 24 = 2.5
2.5 x 8 = 20

10 milliliters of medicine were measured by a nurse. Which of the following options is the closest to the quantity of teaspoons of medicine measured by the nurse?
(1 teaspoon < 5 milliliters)

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Correct answer: 2 teaspoons

3rd choice is the correct answer.

What is the length of a rectangle whose width is 4 inches, if the ratio of its length to its width is 3 to 2?

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Correct answer: 6 in.

We know that, length/width = 3/2
The width is given as 4 inches,
Hence, we get, 3/2 = x/4 where x is the length.
Cross multiplying we get, x = 3x4/2
x = 12/2 = 6 in Hence, fourth option is the correct answer choice.

Bong is 9 miles ahead of Jayr, who is traveling at 5.5 miles per hour while Jayr is traveling at 7 miles per hour. When Jayr finally catches Bong, how long will it take him?

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Correct answer: 6 hours

The distance between Bong and Jayr is 9 miles. Bong running at 5.5 miles per hour and Jayr is running at the speed of 7 miles per hour. Therefore, every hour the distance is 1.5 miles less.

What is the answer of the expression below:
13 - 5⅚ =

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Correct answer: 7⅙

13 - 5⅚ = 7⅙

What is the answer of the expression below:
4(x + 1) = -16

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Correct answer: -5

4(-5 + 1) = -16

What is the value of the equation given: |12| + |-15|

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Correct answer: 27

|12| + |-15| = 27

What is the constant of proportionality, according to the graph?

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Correct answer: 3/5

The line passes through the origin, so it is a proportional relationship. The second point gives the constant of proportionality, which is the y value divided by the x value: 3/5

A total of 55 students took the exam, and 11 of them failed. What percentage of students passed the exam?

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Correct answer: 80%

The failing rate is 11 out of 55=1155.
Change the fraction to percent:
20 percent of students failed. Therefore, 80 percent of students passed the exam.

What does a pound of seed cost per unit?

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Correct answer: $1.75

For any of the pairs of data, divide the total cost by the number of pounds of seed to find how much one pound costs. For example, $17.50/10 = $1.75 per pound.

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