FSA Practice Test (7th Grade: English Language & Arts)


Moral of “The Dog and the Wolf” by Marmaduke Park

Our neighbors sometimes seem to be
A vast deal better off than we;
Yet seldom 'tis they really are,
Since they have troubles too to bear,
Which, if the truth were really known,
Are quite as grievous as our own.

What is the best way to summarize the poem's moral?

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Correct answer: Someone else is always worse off than you are.

Answer choice four is the best answer. The poem discusses how feeling sorry for oneself is not good because everyone has their problems. And often, they are worse than yours.

Which statement makes sense and has all of the terms spelled correctly?

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Correct answer: The wind was too strong to wind the sail.

First sentence has all the words spelled correctly and makes sense.

What does it represent when the question asks you about the essential message?

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Correct answer: main idea

When talking about the essential message, it refers to main idea.

The _____ of a story is when and where it takes place.

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Correct answer: Setting

When and where a story takes place is the setting of a story.

by Robert Louis Stevenson

I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.
He is very, very like me, from the heels up to the head;
And I see him jump before me, when I jump into my bed.

The funniest thing about him is the way he likes to grow—
Not at all like proper children, which is always very slow;
For he sometimes shoots up taller, like an india-rubber ball,
And he sometimes gets so little that there's none of him at all.

What literary element does the author use to create a humor in this poem?

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Correct answer: A child as the narrator

Answer choice three is the best answer. The poem is told as if a child were telling the story; gives a fun playful feeling to the reader.

Which of the following sentences does not have the words in the correct order?

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Correct answer: Out the door ran two cats, one dog, a tiny mouse, and a little girl.

Second sentence is not in normal word order.

This literary term is exemplified by the word swoosh.

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Correct answer: onomatopaia

Swoosh is an example of onomatopaia.

_______ is where the climax part of the story.

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Correct answer: The turning point, high point, or main event is in a story.

The climax is the part of the story where the turning point, high point, or main event is in a story.

Which of the following sentences has a conjunction that suggests a possible relationship?

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Correct answer: Due to the large number of offers, Greg had to increase his giveaway time limit.

Answer choice number two is the best answer choice. If the reader substitutes "because" for "due," it is easier to see a relationship. Because indicates a connection of two or more items.

Which shows Levi is the owner of the backpack?

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Correct answer: Levi’s backpack

The phrase "Levi’s backpack" shows that the backpack belongs to Levi.

This is referred to as denotation.

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Correct answer: definition of the word

Denotation refers to the definition of the word.

The _________ are within the falling action.

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Correct answer: results of the climax and events leading to the conclusion

Within the falling action are the results of the climax and events leading to the conclusion.

One player starts a game of lawn bowling by rolling a metal jack or a little white ball known as a kitty onto the grass rink. The kitty will be the target of the participants' lawn bowling.  When the kitty is thrown and lands on the grass, it is aligned with the rink's center. The real fun begins now! Each team's players take turns throwing their lawn bowls towards the kitty. Each lawn bowl is a colored, baseball-sized ball made of leather-wrapped wood, pure wood, heavy plastic, or metal. ______________ each team takes all of their turns, points are given to the team whose bowls are closest to the kitty. The teams will continue to play rounds like this until one team has scored 21 points. When your team reaches 21 points, the game is over.

Which of the transitional terms below best fits in the blank?

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Correct answer: After

After is the correct answer. Often times more than one transition word might sound "right." The reader should insert all answer choices and make sure that the meaning that word brings to the sentence is consistent with the passage and the sentence around the one in question. In this case, after makes sense.

The teachers neatly stacked __________ books on the shelves.
Select the appropriate pronoun.

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Correct answer: their

The teachers neatly stacked their books on the shelves.

This is also referred to as the opposite of a word...

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Correct answer: antonym

Antonym is the opposite of a word.

The resolution is the point at which the story ________.

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Correct answer: has the final outcome

The resolution is where the story has the final outcome.

Skunks are nocturnal animals that only active at night. This implies they sleep during the day. Skunks can't see well in the daylight, but they have exceptional senses of smell and hearing.___________ Skunks prefer to move around at night. In fact, the majority of skunks are killed when they wander onto roadways and are hit by cars. They can't see where they're going and end up walking into dangerous areas.

Which of the transitional words below best fits in the blank?

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Correct answer: Therefore

Answer choice "therefore" is the correct answer. "So" would be an appropriate word as well, but it is not one of your answer choices. The reader can fill in the blank with his own word that makes sense, and then see what the options are. If the reader's word is not in the list of answer choices, he needs to look for words that mean the same as the chosen word. This will be the correct answer.

Receiving the trophy was exciting for Ivan and Kenny.
What word can be substituted for the underlined words?

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Correct answer: them

Receiving the trophy was exciting for them.

This literary device is an example by the phrase "I could eat a horse."

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Correct answer: hyperbole

The 4th option is the correct answer.

What is the term of the struggle between a character and one or more opposing forces?

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Correct answer: Conflict

A struggle between a character and 1 or more opposing force is called the conflict.

The Highland Games are Scotland's equivalent of the Olympic Games. Athletes are skilled at different sports. Athletes compete to earn medals. The Highland Games feature sports unlike any other sporting event on the world.

How can the underlined sentences be merged without losing their meaning?

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Correct answer: Athletes are skilled at different sports, and they compete to earn medals in these sports.

Answer choice three is the best answer. Combining these two sentences into a compound sentence helps the piece flow easier. This will help the reader with comprehension.

Which of the following is a complete sentence?

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Correct answer: The road leads to the state assembly building.

The first sentence is complete.

This method is a great way to figure out what words signify.

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Correct answer: Use context clues

Use context clues is the strategy to figure out the meaning of words.

The __________ is a perspective which a story is told in the first or third person.

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Correct answer: Point of View

A perspective from which a story is told in 1st or 3rd person is called the point of view.

All of these are reasons for revising an essay, except:

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Correct answer: correcting spelling mistakes in the essay

Answer choice three is the correct answer. Revision means adjusting the essay for clarity and meaning. Editing is used for grammar and punctuation errors.

In which of the following sentences is a pronoun incorrectly used?

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Correct answer: “Hand her them booklets,” she said.

The third option is the statement in which a pronoun is incorrectly used.

What do you need to support up an answer you give?

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Correct answer: Textual Evidence

Textual evidence is what you need to support an answer you provide.

What is a theme?

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Correct answer: The message or truth about life carried by the story.

Theme is the message or truth about life carried by the story.

Which resource would provide you with the most up-to-date information if you were researching information for an essay on an event that occurred last Tuesday?

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Correct answer: The Internet

Answer choice three is the correct answer. The internet, provided the article/site is credible, is updated multiple times a day (or even hour depending on the news event), so it will give the most current information. A newspaper usually is printed once a day or twice a week. This would limit how fast the information could be distributed. A magazine article and a taped interview would be several days old, and not the most current. The video would be helpful and probably used, but that is only one person's point of view, so it could not be the only source used.

After completing a difficult competition, Andrew was proud to find his name on the winner’s board.
The words underlined are:

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Correct answer: adjectives

The underlined words are adjectives.

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