FSA Practice Test (4th Grade: Math)


The height of a structure is 36 feet. In yards, what is the height of the structure?

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Correct answer: 12 yard

1 foot =0.333yard
So 36 foot =12 yards (36×0.33)

Joben's pencil measures 12/100 of a meter. What is the decimal equivalent of Joben's pencil length in meters?

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Correct answer: 0.12

The length of Joben's pencil is 0.12.

23 cats must be placed in cat cages at a pet store. Each cat cage can accommodate four cats.
What is the least number of cages required by the pet business to accommodate all of the cats?

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Correct answer: 6

The least number of cages the pet store need is 6.

“42 is 6 times as many as 7” is represented by which equation?

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Correct answer: 42 = 6 x 7

This exercise requires an interpretation of the statement “42 is 6 times as many as 7” that correlates to an equation. The equation 42 = 6 x 7 is the correct answer.

Susan is seven times old as Lolong. Lolong is a three-year-old boy. Susan's age is represented by which equation?

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Correct answer: 7 x 3 = 21

Susan's age is 21.
7 x 3 = 21

Krista has six quarters, nine dime, and eleven pennies. Krista, how much money do you have?

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Correct answer: 251 pennies

6 quarters =6×25 pennies =150 pennies
9 dimes =9×10pennies =90 pennies
In total Nicole has 251 pennies

A week is made up of seven days. The month of February is made up of 28 days. How many times as many days are there in February than are in one week?

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Correct answer: 4

There are 4 times as many days in February than are in one week.

In a volleyball game, Jyd scored 6 points. Ruth scored 3 times as many points as Jyd.
Which of the following equations represents Ruth's point total?

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Correct answer: 6 × 3 = 18

This equation shows the number of points Ruth scored.

After school, Philip brought crackers to share with the students at the chess club. There were 59 crackers in the box. What is the maximum number of crackers each kid can receive if there are 8 kids in the Chess Club? How many are going to be left over?

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Correct answer: Each kid gets 7 crackers with 3 left over.

This is a single-step word problem involving division where quotient and remainder must be interpreted. Since 59 ÷ 8 results in a quotient of 7 and a remainder of 3, then (d) each kid gets 7 crackers with 3 left over.

Pj uses this equation to demonstrate that 56 is 8 times as many as 7.
Which of the following is another method to express the equation: 56 = 8 x 7?

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Correct answer: 56 is 7 times as many as 8.

56 = 8 x 7 equation can also describe as 56 is 7 times as many as 8.

Anton purchased a magazine membership for $72. How many issues of the magazine will he receive if he pays $4 for each issue of the magazine?

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Correct answer: 18

1 issue=$4
How many issue? =$72
$72÷$4=18 issue

A basketball team is on the market for new uniforms. The cost of each outfit is $24. The squad is looking to purchase 14 jerseys. Which calculation may be used to calculate the overall cost of the uniforms?

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Correct answer: (24 × 10) + (24 × 4) = 240 + 96

To find the total cost of the uniforms, the equation to use is (24 × 10) + (24 × 4) = 240 + 96.

Geamp gathered five times the number of bugs that Angel did. Angel collected a total of 15 bugs.
How many bugs did Geamp collect all in all?

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Correct answer: 75

Geamp collected 75 total number of bugs.
15 x 5 = 75

Compared to the other three, which number sentence is different?

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Correct answer: 16 + 8 = 24

The second, third and fourth number sentences are part of a fact family. Fact families consist of 3 numbers that, when using the commutative property, make up addition and subtraction equations. The numbers in this fact family are 6, 18 and 24.

Jennifer and Norivie are collaborating on a screenplay. Norivie completes 9 pages of writing. Jennifer writes 3 times as many pages as Norivie. Which equation represents Jennifer's number of pages written?

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Correct answer: 9 x 3 = 27

This equation shows the number of pages Jennifer writes.

What is the triangle's perimeter?

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Correct answer: 43 inches

𝑃=12+15+16=43 inches

An equation is a number statement that looks like this: 31 + Z = 98. Which of the following equations is not true if this equation is true?

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Correct answer: Z – 31 = 98

The equation that is not true: Z – 31 = 98

Mr. Ronaldo stocked the library with 162 books. There are six shelves in all. On each shelf, he placed the same number of books.
Mr. Ronaldo, how many books did you put on each shelf?

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Correct answer: 27

162 ÷ 6 = 27

Which of the following numerical phrases is false?

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Correct answer: 0 ÷ 5 = 1

According to the rules of division, when 0 is divided by any non-zero number, the quotient is always 0.

Fred scores 6 times as many points as Marvin in this week's basketball game. Marvin gets 3 points. Which calculation reveals how many points Fred gets?

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Correct answer: 6 x 3 = 18

Fred's score: 18

A reading room is shown in the diagram.

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Correct answer: 20 ft

Use perimeter of rectangle formula.

What is the reasonable angle measurement:

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Correct answer: 35°

As shown in the photo, the angle's measurement is 35°.

Which of the equations is correct?

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Correct answer: 300,000 ÷ 10 = 30,000

Letter B is the correct equation.

Which of the following x numbers would make this sentence true?
200 - x > 101

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Correct answer: 98

200 - 99 = 101. The two of the other choices are greater and would yield a smaller difference and make the number sentence untrue. The only choice that works is 98, since 200 - 98 = 102, which is greater than 101.

Marx wrote this in her notebook.
76 is 4 times as many as 19.
Which of the following equations represents the statement?

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Correct answer: 76 = 4 x 19

76 is 4 times as many as 19 represents 76 = 4 x 19

The total of A and B is 35. Which equation may be used to calculate the value of B if A =16?

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Correct answer: 𝐵+16=35

The sum of 𝐴 and 𝐵 equals 35:𝐴+𝐵=35, if 𝐴=16 we have 16+𝐵=35

Shiela gave these clues to describe a number: three-digit odd numbers with a 6 in the hundreds place and a 3 in the tens place. Which number fits Shiela's description?

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Correct answer: 637

Three – digit odd numbers that have a 6 in the hundreds place and a 3 in the tens place: 637

What is the value of the 8 in 581,963?

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Correct answer: 8 ten thousands

The value of the 8 in 581,963 is 8 ten thousands.

There are four apple boxes. There are 24 apples in each box. What is the total number of apples?

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Correct answer: 96 apples

Each box has 24 apples and there are 4 boxes, so that is 24 x 4, which equals 96.

Which number does A represent?

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Correct answer: 12


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