FSA Practice Test (3rd Grade: English Language & Arts)


Carla reached in her pocket for the coins, but she could not feel them. Desperately, she pulled everything out of her pocket. She found a chocolate wrapper, a bus pass, her student ID card, lipstick, mascara, and her cell phone. There were no coins!
Which items in Carla's pocket indicate that she is a teenager?

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Correct answer: All of the above

Carla is a teenager. Since she is carrying a lipstick, mascara,cell phone,bus pass and a student ID card, she is neither a very young child nor an adult.

Just as he trumpeted, he heard a loud crashing and stamping. A herd of wrinkled elephants came charging up.
What does the term "charging up" mean in the above sentence?

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Correct answer: rushed forward to attack

Answer choice A is the correct meaning for "charging up." It means rushed forward to attack. This can be determined by the use of words such as crashing and stamping. These actions happen when something is moving forward quickly.

Determine who the intended audience for the following passage is.
His nose was as long as his arm. When he sneezed, the trees swayed.
He could smell a meal a mile away.

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Correct answer: class descriptive paragraph

The appropriate audience of the passage is the class descriptive paragraph.

A thirsty crow discovered a pitcher with only a few drops of water in it. He could almost touch the water with his long, delicate beak, but he couldn't obtain a sip. The crow saw a lot of little stones nearby as he looked around. Patiently, he picked up the stones one by one, and filled the pitcher until the water was high enough for him to get a drink.
What does this fable's moral imply?

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Correct answer: Where there's a will, there's a way.

The only saying that matches the actions of the thirsty crow is, "where there's a will, there's a way." The crow wanted the drink so he came up with the way in which to get to the water that at first was unreachable.

Which of the following sentences is correct?

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Correct answer: I will go on the trip if I can.

The sentence that is written correctly is "I will go on the trip if I can."

My brother and I are friends.
The sentence is:

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Correct answer: a statement

The sentence is a statement.

Bryan accidentaly spilled his glass of milk.
Which of the underlined words is incorrectly spelled?

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Correct answer: accidentaly

Accidentaly is the word not spelled correctly. It should be "accidentally".

Ms. Lani told her students about the importance of flexibility in dance. She went on to slide her front foot forward and her other foot backward all the way to the floor. Ms. Lani told the students that this was a front split, and before the students could do this, they would have to work on their stretches.
What does the word flexibility mean in this paragraph?

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Correct answer: Limber

Another word for flexible is limber. The others are incorrect because C and D are the opposite of flexibility and A does not mean flexible.

Kim and KC went to the movies.
What word can be substituted for the underlined words?

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Correct answer: They

"They went to the movies."

I brought a present for Bridger. I was excited to give it to _______.
Choose the best word to fill in the blanks.

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Correct answer: him

"I brought a present for Bridger. I was excited to give it to him."

Martin showed his mother the dusty old lamp. "Perhaps we can sell it if we polish it up first," she said. When Martin set to work polishing the lamp, a genie appeared! "I am the spirit of the lamp! Command, and I obey." Delighted, Martin asked the genie for food, and a feast appeared. Martin began to dream of the wonderful things he could do with the help of the genie. He would ask for new clothes, a big house to live in, and camels to ride.
What evidence do you have that Martin and his mother are poor?

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Correct answer: He wishes for new clothes.

You can tell that Martin and his mother are poor because they want to try to sell the old lamp. The first thing they ask the genie for is food. When Martin starts to think of what the genie's magical powers can do, he thinks of new clothes and a new house, so they must need those things.

Camels are bumpy,
Their backs are all lumpy,
Giraffes are long- legged and meek:
Bears are so growly,
Hyenas are howly,
Dolphins are slippery and sleek.

Kangaroos have a pocket,
But no way to lock it,
Their babies can look out and peep,
But monkeys are funny
I wish I had money,
Enough to buy one and keep.

There are two _______ in the poem above.

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Correct answer: stanzas

The correct answer is choice C because the parts of poem are often referred to as stanzas. These parts are not sentences, so they cannot be paragraphs or passages.

Which of the following statements contains a capital letter in the proper location?

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Correct answer: Cats like to purr.

Letter "C" should only be the capital letter.

How do I put into words the monster I've worked so hard to create? In every aspect, he was terrifying. My thoughts were so erratic that I imagined I saw him everywhere. When at last I encountered him again, he said, "Remember, you have made me bigger and more powerful than you. Do not try to harm me. Be kind to me, as you should. Remember that I am your creature. I ought to be your son, but you rejected me for no reason. I was once good and kind, but everywhere I went people hated and feared me because of my hideous appearance. Misery has made me evil."
Which of the following statements is NOT true about the monster?

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Correct answer: He was gentle.

The monster was terrible to look at, frightening, strong, and large. The passage does not describe the monster as gentle. Everyone was frightened by it. Although the monster says he was good and kind inside and turned evil after people treated him badly, there is evidence in the passage to say he is gentle. Option B is the correct answer choice.

Which of the following sentences best describes an action?

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Correct answer: They placed their clothes in duffel bags.

The sentence that describes an action is "They placed their clothes in duffel bags."

Which of the end marks is incorrect?

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Correct answer: The cat ran fast]

"]" is not a proper end mark.

What exactly does the phrase "can't go on" mean?

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Correct answer: Cannot continue

"Can't go on" means one cannot continue. This phrase refers to when a person or thing can no longer continue doing something. This answer choice is D.

Which of the following is a full sentence?

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Correct answer: She considered warmth and exercise to be the best therapy.

Among the statements above, " She considered warmth and exercise to be the best therapy." is the sentence that is correct and complete.

I quarreled with my brother
I don’t know what about,
One thing led to another
And somehow we fell out.
The start of it was slight,
The end of it was strong,
He said he was right,
I knew he was wrong!
Michael Falcon is the author of this excerpt from "The Quarrel".
What does the phrase underlined in this verse mean?

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Correct answer: had a disagreement

Answer choice B is the best meaning of the phrase, "we fell out." This means the siblings had a disagreement. The context clue of a quarrel helps the reader determine the meaning of this phrase.

Mike Collin, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, was well-known in England for his gambling. He used to spend a lot of time at the card table. According to story, he didn't want to stop playing to eat, so he had meat sandwiched between two slices of bread so he could eat while still playing. According to his official biographer, he invented the sandwich to keep from being disturbed while performing his devoted devotion to his community and country.
Who says the Earl of Sandwich invented the sandwich so he could keep working and gambling at the same time?

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Correct answer: His official biographer

If you chose "B," you picked the best answer. As given in the last sentence of the paragraph, his biographer is the person who made the statement "that the Earl of Sandwich invented the sandwich so that he could keep working, not so that he could keep gambling"
We don’t know what Mike Collin or his cook had to say, and history has recorded that the sandwich was invented because Earl loved to gamble and didn’t want to leave the game.

In a pet-related outline, which of the following would be a subheading?

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Correct answer: dogs

The sub-heading about pets is the word dog.

Every night, an astronomer would go out to view the sky. With a telescope in one hand and a notebook in the other, he was frequently observed. One evening, while strolling through the suburbs with his gaze fixed on the sky, he fell into a deep uncovered well. He cried for help loudly. He moaned and howled about his sores and bruises as he awaited assistance. His neighbor happened to be passing by and heard his wailing and weeping. He quickly assisted him in exiting the well. After he came to know how the accident happened, this is what he said to the astronomer: “Hark you old fellow, why in striving to pry into heaven, do you not manage to see what is on earth?”
Who is the narrator of this tale?

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Correct answer: someone outside of the story

Someone outside the story is telling the story. The text does not use pronouns such as I, me, or we which would mean a character in the story was telling it.

Mark has grown several inches according to this chart.
This sentence is:

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Correct answer: makes a statement

The sentence is a statement.

What event do the logos above represent?

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Correct answer: the Olympic games

The logos above represent the Olympic games. The rings on the logos are the Olympic trademark.

Which of the following spellings is correct?

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Correct answer: secretary

"Secretary" is the correct spelling.

The year is represented by the figures in the logo. What year does each shape represent?

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Correct answer: 2012

B is correct. The year represented is 2012. The top part of the logo is a 2 and a 0 and the bottom has the numbers 1 and 2. When put together they make 2012.

Cris chose a hat that matched her own.
Which word can be substituted for the underlined one?

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Correct answer: She

She chose a hat that matched her own.

Examine the graph above and respond to the following question about Curbside School's lunch menu.
What is the most popular lunch menu item?

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Correct answer: Pizza

Pizza is the most popular item on the lunch menu at Curbside School. This can be determined because pizza has the tallest blue bar graph represented by being colored the highest.

Which terms should be capitalized in the list?

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Correct answer: buick, corvette, ford, toyota

Car brands should be capitalized.

In the wild, many animals eat other animals. Carnivores are the creatures that eat meat. Lions, tigers, and bears are carnivores.
In this paragraph, what does carnivorous mean?

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Correct answer: A meat eating animal

Carnivore means meat eating animal, choice D. The reader can determine this by reading the first sentence, animals eat other animals. The next sentence states these animals are carnivores. Therefore, animals eating other animals would be carnivores.

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