CNA Basic Nursing Skills 13


A resident with an ileostomy evacuates feces through the

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The ileum is the lowest part of the small intestine. An ileostomy is an opening in the abdomen that is made during surgery. The end of the ileum is placed outside the body and connected to a bag that collects the waste of the intestine. It is usually on the lower right side of the body.

The thinning of the fatty layer under the skin could cause the resident to

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The natural aging process causes many changes in the skin. The outer layer of skin becomes thin, and appears pale and clear. Blood vessels are fragile, leading to bruising and bleeding under the skin. The fat layer also thins, so there is less padding, which increases the risk of injury and pressure sores. Rubbing or pulling on the skin can produce skin tears.

Mrs. Sparks is an 83-year-old female patient who suffers from the late effects of a CVA. she has {L} sided hemiplegia. This is

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A client with left-sided hemiplegia has paralysis on the left side of the body. The paralysis can be partial or total. It occurs on the opposite side of the CVA (stroke) or brain disorder. Mrs. Sparks had a CVA on the right side of her brain, resulting in left-sided paralysis.

Intake and Output deals with

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Intake and output measure the fluid balance in the body. To calculate input, add all liquids, plus foods that are liquid at room temperature, such as ice cream, ice pops and jello.

The loss of the ability to express one’s self is

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When a client has suffered a stroke or other head injury, the speech center of the brain can be damaged, resulting in aphasia. Main signs of aphasia include difficulty finding appropriate words when speaking, trouble understanding speech, and difficulty with reading and writing.

Mrs. Shumway has an order for I&O. You have picked up her breakfast and note she drank half of a 6oz. glass of juice, 4oz. of milk, and 8oz. of coffee, you document

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The question is about HALF of a 6oz. glass. 15 oz. = 450 cc. When converting ounces (oz.) to cubic centimeters (cc) remember that 1 oz. = 30 cc. Although an ounce is slightly more, the amounts are considered to be equal by doctors and pharmacists. Also, 1 cc = 1 ml.

Which does NOT prevent or reduce odors?

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The best way to prevent unpleasant odors is to treat them promptly. Keeping a patient clean, emptying the bedpan, and using an ongoing deodorizer are all good methods. Flowers cannot disguise or cover an odor that is already in place.

The nurse asks you to change the urine drainage bag for a patient with an indwelling catheter. If you aren't sure how to change it, what should you do?

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Do not attempt to do a procedure or give a treatment if you're not certain how to do it or if you have not been trained. Tell the nurse. The nurse may show you how, supervise the procedure, or give you another task. Patient safety comes first, so ask for help if you need it.

The back-lying position is the

both "supine" and "sky" start with an S. "When supine, I look at the sky.").
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The supine (pronounced "soo-pine") position is when the patient is on their back.

Swollen ankles and legs may be signs of

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When the heart becomes weak, or has a defect, it can't pump efficiently. Because blood can't move, it starts to pool in the feet, ankles, and lower legs. This swelling is called edema.

Which of the following is associated with smoking?

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The effects of smoking can cause many diseases and medical complications. While cigarette smoking is the main cause of lung cancer, it also causes other lung conditions such as COPD, emphysema, and pneumonia. Smokers are more likely to develop heart disease and have heart attacks and strokes. Vitamins are depleted in smokers, especially vitamin C and the B vitamins.

Who is in charge of delegating the work assignment?

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The CNA works under the supervision of a licensed nurse. The RN or LVN/LPN can make assignments that will provide the best and most efficient care for the patients.

Mr. Burns just smoked a cigarette. How long should you wait to take his oral temperature?

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Before taking an oral temperature, determine if the client has smoked, or had anything hot or cold to drink in the last 15 minutes. If so, wait a full 15 -20 minutes before taking the temperature in order to obtain an accurate measurement.

The safest way to confirm a resident’s identity is

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Accurate identification of a resident is always done by checking the resident's ID bracelet or tag. This is a universal standard of practice in every facility and health care setting. It ensures that the resident receives the correct treatment and care every time.

Which of the following is not true of blindness?

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People who are legally blind or have visual impairment may still be able to see, but images can be quite blurry even when wearing glasses. They have difficulty reading and are restricted from such activities as driving. Another disability is related to having tunnel vision, which means the person can only see straight ahead instead of the normal ability to use peripheral vision to see almost 180 degrees. Only about 10-15% of people who are diagnosed as blind see nothing at all.

Drainage bags from urinary catheters should always

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Drainage bags from an indwelling Foley catheter should be kept below the the level of the bladder to prevent urine from backflowing into the bladder. It also allows gravity to help drain the tubing. Checked that the tubing is not kinked or compressed. Depending on the reason for the catheter, urine may have an unusual appearance; ask the nurse what is abnormal for the patient. Monitor and record the color of the urine, as well as observations such as sediment, cloudiness, or blood. Follow your facility's policy or the patient's care plan regarding how often to change the urinary drainage bag.

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