Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree

bachelor of arts in psychology

Bachelor of Arts learners are trained in a broad range of psychological theories and concepts. They can apply their knowledge to a range of career paths.

The BS in Psychology program provides a strong foundation for graduate study and careers in fields such as law, international development, and business. It builds skills in research and statistics, communication, and cultural and global awareness.

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

A bachelor’s degree in psychology can lead to a variety of careers, including counseling, social work, and criminal justice. It is also a useful background for students planning to pursue graduate study in areas like business, law, education, and medicine.

The standard curriculum for a BA and BS program in psychology covers topics such as psychological theory, principles, and practice. Some programs may offer a specialization in forensic psychology, which will include additional coursework in the area of law and evidence.

Both programs require a strong understanding of research methods and statistics, which can be used in a range of careers. Forensic psychologists, for example, use their knowledge of criminal behavior to interpret eyewitness testimony, police interrogation, and forensic science.

A specialized concentration in forensic psychology in the BAPSY program prepares students for a career in law enforcement or a role as a criminal justice assistant. The concentration in forensic psychology teaches students about the impact of mental illness on victimization, the development of a criminal profile, and how to analyze a case.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Jobs

Whether you’re looking for a career in marketing, human resources or a more clinical psychology field, your bachelor’s degree in psychology can be the key to a variety of exciting careers. A bachelor’s degree in psychology gives you the skills you need to understand how people think, learn and behave. It’s also a great foundation for further studies in psychology or other areas of interest.

A bachelor’s in psychology can prepare you for a number of careers, including social services, criminal justice, life coaching and more. You can earn either a bachelor of arts (BA) or a bachelor of science in psychology (BS). Both options provide a strong foundation for further study, but each has different learning outcomes.

A BA degree can help you get a job in the social services field or as a mental health case manager, helping clients cope with their issues and navigate treatment support. You can also pursue a teaching career, using your psychology background to teach children or adults in a classroom setting. You can even become a public administrator at the local or state level, managing government agencies and overseeing policy decisions.

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Bachelor of Science in Psychology vs Bachelor of Arts

With a bachelor of science in psychology or bachelor of arts in psychology, you can pursue a number of exciting career opportunities. You may work in mental health clinics, counseling centers and other public or private facilities as well as social service agencies, government offices, human resources departments and more. These degrees can also serve as a good foundation for postgraduate study, particularly if you wish to become a counselor or therapist.

BA programs tend to offer more elective courses than BS programs, giving students the opportunity to explore different subjects in addition to psychology. This type of degree may be better suited to students who want to go straight into the workforce after graduation or who are planning on pursuing graduate studies in areas such as law, management or business.

A BS program typically has more rigorous course requirements than a BA program, making it more suitable for students who plan to enter the workforce or attend graduate school immediately after graduating. In addition, a BS program is typically more focused on research and statistics than a BA program, making it more appropriate for students who are passionate about the sciences and who are interested in pursuing a career in medical research or clinical psychology.

Bachelor of Arts in Clinical Psychology

The bachelor of arts in clinical psychology is a four-year undergraduate degree that allows students to become clinical psychologists. It also provides a foundation for further studies in the field of psychology, including master’s and doctoral degrees. Many online and on-campus programs offer internships that provide real-world experience and help students build professional networks. These experiences make graduates more competitive in graduate school and provide a boost to their career prospects.


This program introduces students to the study of human behavior, learning and development across the lifespan. The curriculum teaches students about the different branches of psychology, their history and social relevance. It also teaches them how to apply psychological theories to real-world situations and problems.

The main difference between a BA and BS is that the latter requires more science courses than the former. However, the choice between a BA and BS in psychology depends on your post-graduate plans. Many students who obtain this degree go on to receive advanced training, and some even work toward a Ph.D in clinical psychology.

Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology

The bachelor of arts in counseling psychology program offers students an opportunity to study human behavior and learn about how it affects people in a variety of ways. The degree prepares students for work in a variety of professional fields, including social services, education and business. The curriculum combines a solid understanding of psychological concepts with important research methods. The program offers a concentration in forensic psychology and is offered by Touro University Worldwide.

The BA and BS programs differ slightly in their requirements. A BA tends to focus on liberal arts courses and may require a foreign language course. In contrast, the BS option tends to be more science-focused and often includes lab classes alongside core psychology courses.

Both degrees are excellent options for those interested in pursuing careers as clinical mental health workers, counseling professionals or teachers. They can also be a great foundation for those interested in graduate studies in psychology or counseling. At Regent, we offer APA and CACREP accredited counseling programs in both online and traditional formats.

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Careers

A bachelor of arts in psychology offers a broad overview of the science of human behavior. You’ll learn about different branches of psychology, and acquire an understanding of their applications in real-world situations. You’ll also develop information and technological literacy, communication skills and an awareness of social and international issues.

A BA in psychology can prepare you for a variety of careers. Some of these include working as a psychiatric technician or a rehabilitation specialist. You can also become a paraprofessional, where you assist a teacher in the classroom or help children with special needs. You can even teach at the elementary, middle and high school level – provided you get a teaching certificate.

Another option is to work in a research lab, where you’ll be part of a team that investigates various psychological phenomena. You can also choose to work in the field of public administration, where you’ll manage government agencies and programs. The type of career you choose depends on your career goals and interests. Whether you want to study the liberal arts component of psychology or lay the foundation for graduate-level studies, a bachelor of art degree is a good choice.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Online

The BS in psychology program takes a broader view of the field, exploring different disciplines and offering plenty of elective options. It is a good choice for students who plan to enter the workforce after graduation or pursue graduate study. The BA offers more of a focus on humanities and may include foreign language classes in the curriculum.


Both programs can be completed in about three to four years. Full-time students can choose to take an accelerated course of study to finish sooner. Students should also consider how much time they can realistically commit to their studies and whether a part-time option is appropriate.

An online bachelor’s degree in psychology can be a valuable credential for many careers. It demonstrates that you can think critically and analyze complex problems. The program also emphasizes skills such as information and technological literacy, communication, global awareness and personal development. These skills are essential for most jobs in business, management, human resources and marketing. They can also be a good foundation for advanced career opportunities like life coaching, counseling and social work.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Salary

A bachelor’s degree in psychology can open doors to a number of careers. It’s important to choose a program that meets your personal and professional goals. Some students pursue a BA, while others go on to graduate school to earn a doctorate in psychology. Both options can prepare you for rewarding career paths.

Those who are empathetic and understanding of others may find work as psychiatric assistants, rehabilitation caseworkers, or career counselors. In addition, a bachelor’s degree in psychology can lead to jobs in customer service and market research. The BLS reports that job opportunities for these positions are projected to grow by three percent over the next decade.

Students may also choose to focus on social science and humanities courses, including subjects like comparative literature, sociology, or anthropology, in addition to psychology. They may also take foreign language classes to build a broad knowledge base. Some programs, like Maryville University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, offer flexible course roadmaps that include a mix of classroom and online learning.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Questions and Answers

You may have to choose between a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology or a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology for your bachelor’s degree program.

• GED certification or a diploma from high school
• Report cards from high school
• Personal statement of intent writing example
• Vaccination history

For your bachelor’s degree program, you might have to decide between a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology.

Yes. With a psychology bachelor’s degree, you’re prepared for success whether you want to work right away or go on to graduate school.

A BA psychology graduate will be qualified to sit for the Psychometrician Licensure Exam.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is abbreviated to as BAP.

In addition to a number of humanities and social science courses, a bachelor’s degree in psychology typically includes courses in social psychology, psychology and ethics, and cognitive psychology. These could include courses in sociology, anthropology, comparative literature, or foreign languages.

Job opportunities:
• Human Resources
• Government and Law Enforcement
• Employee Relationship Specialist
• Marketing
• Social Worker
• School Teacher
• UX Designer
• Journalism or Public Relations
• Probation Officer
• Sales Representative