FREE Bachelor of Arts in Psychology: Exploring Theories and Concepts Questions and Answers


What is the theory that centers around observable behaviors and suggests that people learn new behaviors through external reinforcement or punishment, as well as by observing and imitating social factors in their environment?

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Social learning theory, proposed by Albert Bandura, emphasizes the role of observational learning and how individuals acquire behaviors by observing and imitating others in their social environment. It also considers the impact of external reinforcement or punishment on shaping behaviors.

What concept suggests that behavior is influenced by the interplay of behavioral, cognitive, and environmental factors or situational variables?

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The correct answer is "Triadic Reciprocality." This concept proposes that behavior is shaped by the dynamic interaction of behavioral patterns, cognitive processes, and environmental or situational influences. It emphasizes the mutual influence and interdependence of these three factors in determining human behavior.

What are the phases or steps in the process of modeling and building self-efficacy throughout development?

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The process of modeling and building self-efficacy involves different stages where individuals observe and imitate others, gradually gaining confidence and skills through successful experiences and reinforcement, leading to the development of self-efficacy beliefs.

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