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Of the following dates, which is the latest?

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June 2, 2055 is the latest date of those listed. Obviously, the 2054 dates occurred prior to the 2055 dates. Since January 6 occurs before June 2, June 2, 2055 is the latest date.

In the following sentence a word is in bold. What is an antonym for that word?

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In this sentence the word anxiously means eagerly, therefore the antonym or opposite of that word would be uneager. Eagerly and excitedly refer to an anticipation, which are synonyms to anxiously. Sadly totally changes the context and adds an element of emotion that the original sentence does not convey.

What is the missing number in the following sequence? 78, 66, ____, 42, 30

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54 is 12 fewer than 66 and 12 more than 42. The sequence is counting backwards by 12. Option A is incorrect, since this would decrease by 15 instead of 12. Option B is incorrect since this would decrease by 13, instead of 12. Option D is incorrect since this would decrease by 11 instead of 12.

A company sold 48 products in June, 20 in July, 76 in August, and 80 in September. Which graph accurately represents their sales?

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The graph accurately represents the company’s sales for the months of June, July, August, and September. Chart b shows a sharp increase followed by a significant decline, which does not match the original company’s sales report. Option C shows two strong increases followed by a decline, which does not correlate with the company’s sales report.

A college professor teaches a class of 80 students. Fourteen students are business majors, six are education majors, and the rest are undecided. What percentage of the class is undecided?

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75%. Fourteen and six equals twenty, leaving sixty undecided. Sixty is 75% or ¾ of eighty. Answer (a) is incorrect, because half of eighty is forty. C is incorrect because 60% of of eighty is forty-eight. D is incorrect because 25% of eighty is twenty.

Afraid is to scared as brave is to _______.

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Courageous is a synonym to brave as afraid is a synonym to scared. B and C are incorrect because they are antonyms to brave. Trustworthy is incorrect because it is not a synonym to brave

An organization hosts monthly meals for families in the community. In March, 70 people attended the meal. In April, 60 attended. Their highest attendance was in May, with 20 more than April. What is their average monthly attendance?

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The correct answer is 70. When you add 20 to April’s attendance, you have 80. 70+60+80 is 210. 210 divided by 3 is 70.

If the first two statements are true, is the final statement true? Mrs. Jones is responsible for collecting all of the fifth grade classes’ money for the school fundraiser. Sally attends Mrs. Jones’ school. Mrs. Jones is responsible for collecting Sally’s money for the fundraiser.

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The correct answer is uncertain. Without knowing Sally’s grade, we cannot determine whether Mrs. Jones is responsible for collecting her money or not. If Sally is in 5th grade, Mrs. Jones is responsible, but if she is not in fifth grade, Mrs. Jones is not responsible.

Which THREE choices are needed to create the figure on the left? Only pieces of the same color may overlap.

Please select 3 correct answers

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The three squares needed are B, C, and D. E cannot be used because the bottom right corner is gray not orange. B must be used because it has the only yellow in the second row left. C must be used because it has the only 3rd row right orange piece. D must be used because it has the only first row yellow left piece.

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