Wonderlic Practice 3

This is a timed quiz. You will be given 60 seconds per question. Are you ready?


The words gallant and valiant have ________ meanings.

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Gallant and valiant are synonyms both meaning brave. The correct answer is same.

Unscramble the bold words below to form a question. Choose the correct response to the question. season before is what spring the

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When the words are unscrambled, the question is, “What is the season before spring?” The correct answer is winter, as winter is the season that precedes spring.

George has 72 apples. He wants to give everyone in his family an equal amount. If there are nine people in his family, how many will he give each one?

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72 divided by 9 is 8, therefore the correct answer is 8. He would have to have 81 apples to give everyone 9. If he gave everyone 7, he would have 9 left over. He would need 90 apples to give everyone 10.

An organization was preparing a group of training sessions for their employees. They will begin at 9:00 with a fifteen minute orientation, then the attendees will rotate through three thirty minute sessions with five minutes between each one. What time will the sessions end?

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The sessions will end at 10:55. The first session will begin at 9:15 and end at 9:45. After a five minute break, the second session will begin at 9:50 and end at 10:20. The final session will begin at 10:25 and end at 10:55.

A business was preparing for a customer appreciation event. If a goodie bag costs $1.50 per person and they are preparing for 75 attendees, how much will they spend on goodie bags?

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The company would spend $112.50 on goodie bags. 75 multiplied by $1.50 is $112.50. $113, $120, and $115 are all more than the necessary amount.

If the first two statements are true, is the third statement true? Amanda is a sales representative for her company. Amanda’s region includes cities east of her hometown. Amanda’s region includes St. Louis.

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Because we Amanda’s hometown is not identified, it is uncertain whether her region includes St. Louis or not. Therefore the answer is uncertain.

A family is planning a vacation, traveling 300 miles from their house. If they plan to stop at parks to allow the children to play every two hours, how many parks will they visit before they reach their destination assuming they travel 60 mph?

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Travelling 60 mph, the entire trip would take 5 hours without stops. Stopping after every two hours of travel would allow for 2 stops at parks before reaching their final destination.

Amy earned $75 for working two and a half hours on Monday. She worked three hours on Tuesday and four hours on Wednesday. Considering she made the same hourly rate all three days, how much did she get paid in all?

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Amy earned $285. Amy earned $30 an hour, making Monday’s wages $75 for 2 ½ hours. She made $90 on Tuesday and $120 on Wednesday. $75+$90+$120= $285

A woman has five children.  The oldest, a daughter, is 12. The youngest child is 4. If all of the children’s ages are currently even numbers, what are the ages of the other three children?

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The children are 10, 8, and 6. The oldest child is 12, therefore cannot be correct because 14 would be older than 12. The youngest is 4, therefore neither 14, 10, and 2 nor 10, 8, and 2 can be correct because 2 would be younger than 4. Answer 11, 6, and 5 cannot be correct because 11 and 5 are odd numbers and the question stated that the children are all even numbers at this time.

Of the following dates, which is the earliest?

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The earliest date is December 13, 1851. 1851 is the earliest year in the options, therefore this choice has to be the earliest date, regardless of the fact that November comes before December.

In the following set of words, which THREE words have similar meanings?

Please select 3 correct answers

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The three words with similar meanings are endure, persevere, and persist. Each of these words mean to continue without giving up. Quit is the opposite of these words. Alienate is unrelated to these words.

Choose the correct definition of the bold word in the following sentence.

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Answer: In this sentence the word dressed means to apply medication. To make straight would apply in a military format, “to dress ranks.” To prepare would apply to preparing items for a special process. To put clothing on would apply to dressing for the day or for an event.

The third month of the year is ________.

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The third month of the year is March. December is the 12th month. February is the 2nd month and June is the 6th month.

The following sentence has a word in bold print. Choose the answer that is the opposite of the word in bold print. The customer service representative was commended due to the patience she exhibited while working with a cantankerous customer.

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The opposite of cantankerous is agreeable. Dogmatic, opinionated, and strong-minded are all synonyms of cantankerous.

Accept and except have _________ meanings.

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To accept is to take or receive while to except is with the exclusion of. The meanings are unrelated

Susan is catering a meal for 725 people. She has divided her staff into three teams to prepare the main course. If the first team prepares 300 plates and the second team prepares 225 plates, how many will the third team need to prepare?

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Answer: The first two teams have prepared 525 of the 725 plates, leaving 200 for the third team to prepare. The answer is 200. If the third team prepared 225, they would have 750 plates which would be 25 too many. If they prepared 325, they would have 850, which would be 150 too many. If they prepared 400, they would have 925 which would be 200 too many.

Which of the following does not have the same meaning as the other words?

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The word that does not have the same meaning as the others is enthusiastic. Anxious, apprehensive, distressed, and concerned all mean worried or nervous. Enthusiastic means eager or passionate.

What is the missing number in the series? 1/192 ____ 1/48 1/24 1/12 1/6

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Answer 1/96. The denominator in each number is half of the previous number.

Complete the following popular proverb. A bird in the hand is worth __________________

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A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. The other three choices are not the correct ending to the popular saying. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush simply means, it is better to count on what you have than that which you do not have.

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