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Angie’s profits for March totaled $5400. If she profited nine times more in March than in April, what were April’s profits?

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The correct answer is $600. $5400 divided by 9 is 600, therefore 5400 is nine times more than 600. This makes April’s profits $600 because March’s profits ($5400) were nine times more than April’s.

Apathetic is to sympathetic as ____________ is to concerned.

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The answer is callous. Apathetic and sympathetic are opposites. Callous is the opposite of concerned. The other three options are all synonyms of concerned.

Which THREE choices are needed to create the figure on the left? Only pieces of the same color may overlap.

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The three squares needed are: A, D, E. B cannot be used because it has a green tile in the 3rd row. A must be used because it has a yellow tile in the first row left position (and C,D,E don’t). E must be used because it has the only orange tile in the second row. D must be used with A and E because it has the orange tile in the middle of the third row.

If the first two statements are true, is the third statement true? Mr. Reed teaches all of the advanced math classes at his school. Billy attends Mr. Reed’s school and is in an advanced math class. Mr. Reed is Billy’s math teacher.

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The correct answer is yes. Billy attends the school where Mr. Reed teaches ALL of the advanced math classes. Billy is in an advanced math class at this school, therefore Mr. Reed is Billy’s math teacher.

If a store sold 25 pairs of socks, making a 25% profit of $150, how much did they charge for each pair?

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Each pair cost $24. If $150 is 25% of the sales, the total sales would be $600. $600 divided into 25 pairs would equal $24 per pair.

How many of the following pairs are mirror images? 43567 76534 536786 686735 1024567 7654201 789014 410987 10032 32001

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The correct answer is 3. 43567/76534, 1024567/7654201, and 789014/410987 are mirror images. In the second set, the 6 and 7 are switched. In the final set the 3 and the 2 are switched.

In the following sentence, one word is bold. What is the definition of the bold word in the context of the sentence? The student did not attend to the teacher throughout the entire lecture.

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The correct answer is to pay attention to the teacher throughout the entire lecture. It is possible to be present without paying attention, therefore is not the correct definition. In this sentence the student was not taking care of or taking charge of the situation, only paying attention to the teacher.

Two of the following proverbs have similar meanings. Which ones are they?

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(Rome wasn’t built in a day.) and (Good things come to those who wait.) are the two proverbs with similar meanings. “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and “Good things come to those who wait,” both emphasize the importance of patience. “Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today,” addresses procrastination. “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater,” says sometimes there is good mixed in with the bad, so be careful when making changes. “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” reminds one that what you have is worth more than what you think you would like to have or obtain.

A company spent $210 for three employees to attend a computer programming class. How much more would it cost to send an additional five employees to the same training?

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It would cost $350 for five people to attend the training. $210 divided by three employees is $70 each. Five employees multiplied by $70 is $350.

Which of the following has the biggest diameter?

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The correct answer is The Sun. The sun is much bigger than all of the planets that orbit it. The sun's diameter is 864,576 miles. The diameters of the other planets/moons are: Earth - 7926 miles, Earth's Moon - 2159 miles, Jupiter - 88,846 miles, and Neptune - 30,775 miles.

If four boxes of crackers cost $5.68, how much would three boxes cost?

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The correct answer is $4.26. If four boxes cost $5.68, one would cost $1.42. $1.42 times three is $4.26.

There is a bold word in the sentence below. What is a synonym of the bold word. Her enthusiasm is infectious causing others to become excited as well.

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The synonym for infectious is contagious. Infectious and contagious both cause others to “catch” what the carrier has which in this case is enthusiasm.

In the following set of words, which is different from the others?

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The answer is hip hop. Although hip hop is a style of dance, the other three listed are all styles of ballroom dance. Hip hop is not a ballroom style.

A movie premiered this weekend. 250 people attended the first showing. Of the 250, 75 were adults above the age of 40, 50 were between the ages of 20 and 40, and 25 were teenagers ages 13-19. What percentage of the attendees were children under 12?

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The correct answer is 40%. When adding 75, 50, and 25, you find that 150 attendees were over the age of 12. This means 100 attendees were 12 and under. 100 is 40% of 250.

Which of the following is the smallest number?

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The correct answer is .124. One tenth is smaller than three tenths and five tenths. .124 is smaller than 1.24, as well.

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