SAT Practice Test 1


2c2-c-10/c2+7c+10 c2-4c+5/c2+2c-9

In the equation above, what is the value of c?

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Easiest option: plug in the numbers. Doing so, you will see that Answer 4 is the only choice that ends with the true statement that 1/3=1/3.

Which of the following is equivalent to 2z+6/4 * 6z-36/3z+9?

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Substitute 2 for the variable and solve.

Cindy's babysitting services are charged at $25 per day, plus $7.50 for every 30 minutes. How much has Cindy earned after three hours of babysitting? 

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Remember $7.50 is every 30 minutes, so that's the equivalent of $45 for the three hours plus the $25 flat fee.

Find the sum of r and v in the system of equations below. 


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A10r 10r+20v=170
+ 10r+20v=170
D30 r+v=9

Karen is building a garden. She started the year cultivating a plot of land with an area of 48 feet. Next year she wants to bump it to an area of 120 feet. This year l and w are 6 and 8 feet, respectively. Next year she will have to increase each side by x feet. 

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A=6*8=48 feet
A=10*12=120 feet
She will have to increase each side by four feet, answer 1.

The number of complaints (C) of business (B) since 1995 can be estimated by the equation C=1.0735x+325, where x is the number of years since 1995 and 0<x<20. In the context of this equation, what does the number 1.0735 most likely represent? 

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C is the number of complaints. x represents the number of years since 1995, so it can't be Answers 1 and 2. Since the complaints are growing, it can't be Answer 4 either. Process of elimination.

If x2+16x=225 and x>0, what is the value of x? 

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Simply plug in the options. Start with Answer 4 since the sum is a larger number. It will get you to the right answer more quickly.

Steve is ordering new display cases for his store. Each case is 8 feet in length and extends from floor to ceiling. His store has 120 feet of wall space that includes 23 feet of windows along the walls. If the display cases cannot be moved in front of the windows, which of these inequalities includes all possible values of d, the number of display cases that could be used?

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Answers 2 and 4 can be eliminated right away because they add instead of take away window space. From there, Answer 3 can also be eliminated because you're trying to isolate the value of d.

If c3+12c=-112 and c<0, what is the value of c?

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Plug in the options. Start with your negatives since the end result is negative. That should help you arrive at Answer 4 on your first or second try.

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