SAT Practice Test 2


Jack orders a box of pencils for $3 per box. A tax of 9.25% is added to the cost of the pencils before a flat shipping fee of $5 closes out the transaction. Which of the following represents total cost of pencils in dollars?

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3p represents the cost of each box times the number of boxes purchased. Multiplying this number times 1.0925 will increase the value by the 9.25%. Then you add the $5 shipping fee for the total.

A plant grows at a linear rate. After seven weeks, the plant is 56 centimeters tall. Which function best models the relationship between height (h) and weeks of growth (w)? 

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7*8 is 56, so we know that 8 will have to be a part of the function. Plug in 7 for w and Answer 2 is your correct answer.

Which of the following is equivalent to (15x2+5x+6y)+(4x2-2x+4y)? 

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Simple addition: add all parts with like signs and you get Answer 2.

An advertisement for a toothpaste reads: "Eight out of nine dentists recommend Pearly White Toothpaste for your dental health." No other information is given. Based on what is here, which of the following inferences is most valid?

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Answers 1 and 2 are not implied in any way. Just because there is one dentist who didn't recommend (Answer 3), that doesn't mean he feels PWT is inferior. Process of elimination points to Answer 4.

In the equation below, what is the value of x? 


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A-8 1/2x=3/4x-11
A-2/4, 11 1/4x=11 <br. CROSS-MULTIPLY, and you get 44=x. Check your work by plugging in 44 for x and the two sides will equal one another. Answer 4 is the correct choice.

A happy cat enjoys 9.5 to 19 ounces of milk for every 10 pounds of his weight. John has 15- and a 25-pound cats. Which of the following ranges represents the approximate total number of ounces of milk (m) that the two cats need to be happy?

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You have about 40 pounds of cat in the word problem. For every 10 of those pounds, you have anywhere from 9.5 to 19 ounces. Multiply both times 4 and you get 38 and 76 ounces on the low and high ends, respectively. Therefore, Answer 1 is correct.

Jean is making a dry rub based on a recipe his friend from the United States sent to him, but he needs to convert ounces to grams to understand the recipe. If the rub requires 4 ounces of cayenne for every 7 ounces of paprika and there is 91 total ounces of paprika in the rub, how many total grams of cayenne and paprika are required?

(1 ounce=28.3 grams)

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D7 x=52
These two fractions are equivalent to one another, so we know 52 equals x.
Since we're looking for the total grams of both ingredients, it's necessary to add 52 and 91, then multiply the product times 28.3 grams. This gets you to Answer 4 as the correct response.

It's Presidential election season and a high school is holding a site-wide mock election. Here's how the students voted by grade. 
10th Grade     CLINTON .61 TRUMP .31 OTHER .08 TOTAL 1.00
11th Grade     CLINTON .49 TRUMP .49 OTHER .02 TOTAL 1.00
12th Grade     CLINTON .42 TRUMP .53 OTHER .05 TOTAL 1.00
Total              CLINTON .50 TRUMP .44 OTHER .06 TOTAL 1.00

723 students voted for Hillary Clinton. Approximately how many students attend this school?

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Divide the number of Clinton voters (723) by the percentage of vote that she won.

John is traveling to Ghana, where the Cedi is the monetary unit for purchasing goods and services. He decides to buy travelers checks, which he can then use as cash at any retail location. He pays $29.60 (a 7% fee) for the travelers checks on the total purchase, which equals 600 Cedi. If he is at a trading post and decides to trade a personal possession valued at $4500 USD, how many Cedi is the item worth at the same exchange rate? 

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Divide $29.60 by 7%. You'll get $422.857143. Divide this number by 600 Cedi for the exchange rate (.70476190). Divide $4,500 by this number for your final answer.

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