RBT Practice Test 3


___________________ is the most commonly used graph in ABA.

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Correct answer: Line Graph

The line graph is the most typical ABA graph.

__________________ is factual information that is utilized as a foundation for reasoning, discussion, or calculation.

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Correct answer: Data

Data is factual information that is used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation.

Thomas observed 7 occurrences of clapping during the length of a five-hour session. What method of measuring was used?

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Correct answer: Frequency

Frequency is the method for this.

Identify the data collection described: Sam observed 10 hiccups from her sister.

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Correct answer: Count

Count is the data collection method for this.

What does a graph's trend represent?

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Correct answer: The vertical representation of the average data values

The vertical representation of the average data values in a graph is called a trend.

You are recording the time of how long it takes from the demand (Sd) is presented to the first instance of behavior. What exactly are you measuring?

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Correct answer: Latency

You're measuring latency based on this scenario.

Jenny is gathering data about screaming. She has a timer. She specifies whether David was screaming for the full interval or not each time the timer goes off. What type of data is she taking?

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Correct answer: Whole interval

Whole interval data is the type of data Jenny is gathering.

You give a learner two things and tell him to "get one." You repeat this process until all of the things have been paired together. What type of assessment are you conducting?

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Correct answer: Paired choice

Paired choice is the type of assessment you're conducting.

Every 20 seconds that Ruby does not participate in the target behavior, you give her attention. What is this intervention?

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Correct answer: Differential reinforcement of other behaviors

This intervention is differential reinforcement of other behaviors.

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