RBT Practice Test

RBT Certification Practice Exam
Registered Behavior Technician

RBT Practice Test

The Registered Behavior Technician® (RBT®) is a behavior analysis paraprofessional certification. RBTs help in the delivery of behavior analysis services and practice under the guidance and supervision of an RBT Supervisor and/or an RBT Requirements Coordinator, who is in charge of all work RBTs do.

RBTs are professionals who operate in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA). They help board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) conduct ABA therapy for adults and children with behavioral and developmental issues, the most prevalent of which is autism. Members of ABA therapy teams, registered behavior technicians deal directly with autistic individuals. They are paraprofessionals who help clients achieve their personal goals, which are set by BCBAs or assistant BCBAs.

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RBT Requirements

  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate.
  • A high school diploma or a GED is required (high school diploma equivalent).
  • A background check similar to that of home health aides, carers, and teachers is required.
  • Completer 40-hour training
         – Submit documentation of your 40-hour training and other relevant paperwork to the board certification examination providers once you’ve completed it. They will review your application and notify you as soon as possible if you are eligible to take the exam.
  • Complete initial competency assessment
  • After completing your course, you must qualify to take the board certification exam.
  • To acquire certification, you must pass the exam.

After passing the board certification exam, you can start looking for RBT jobs. You must, however, keep your certification current, which entails:

       – Being under the supervision of a BCBA.
       – Adhering to established ethics guidelines.
       – Renewing your certification each year.


RBT Exam Passing Score

You will be notified immediately if you passed or failed your RBT test once you have completed it. If you pass, your certification will be sent to you by email within a week. After you’ve received it, you may start looking for RBT employment.

If you do not pass the exam the first time, you can apply to retake it. The BACB will allow RBT applicants to take the exam eight times in a one-year authorization window starting in November 2020. You have seven days, or one week, following your prior exam to retake the exam.

You are not required to reapply for the exam. An email will be sent to you with instructions on how to schedule a new exam. You can gather data on your performance, which will reveal the areas in which you struggled the most, and this data can aid you in studying for your next attempt.

You can file an appeal with the BACB if you believe there were any exam irregularities that influenced the outcome of your exam. In 2022, 87 percent of exam candidates were successful on their first attempt. A total of 52 percent of individuals who retook the exam passed the second time around.

RBT Salary

As of 2022, the average RBT salary is $39,000, but this figure is subject to change depending on a number of circumstances. Because you have not gained experience in the profession, you are more likely to earn $20 per hour, or $39,000 per year, if you have just earned your certification. You can earn up to $50,000 per year as an RBT if you have worked as one for several years and are well established with your clients and overseeing ABA therapists.


The amount you earn will also be determined by where you reside, as the cost of living in the United States varies greatly. An RBT in Florida, for example, earns roughly $39,000 per year, but an RBT in California earns around $42,000 per year.

How to Find RBT Job?

Since RBTs are in such high demand, there are likely to be many job advertisements for these roles on the internet. It is advisable to conduct research and contact firms directly. You can then decide whether the company’s work culture is suited for you.

Finding a job as an RBT may involve:

       • Searching online job boards.
       • Asking for referrals from your school.
       • Attending job fairs.
       • Seeking out ABA therapy practices near you and asking about openings.

There will also be a variety of opportunities in various situations. If you want to work with children on the autistic spectrum, for example, you can look for clinics that offer individual ABA therapy or schools with special education wings that are looking for registered nurses or RBTs. You might look for specialist therapy, counseling, or psychological practices if you prefer to deal with adults. Joining the RBT Registry validates your ability to provide sound judgment in assisting the applied behavior analysis strategy in a variety of circumstances.

RBT Exam Study Guide PDF

RBT exam is hard if you don’t study. To help you pass the exam, you can use our RBT Study Guide PDF.

Here are the top 5 tips:

  1. Every day, read a little bit.
  2. Take detailed notes.
  3. Make a study list.
  4. Exercising graph interpretation is a good idea.
  5. Put the methods to the test.

RBT Questions and Answers

The RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) is primarily in charge of putting the supervisor’s skill-acquisition and behavior-reduction strategies into action.

Must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma (K-12) or national equivalent (college graduate), complete 40 hours of RBT training, pass the RBT Competency Assessment (from a BCBA-D, BCBA, or BCaBA), and pass the RBT exam.

If you enjoy helping individuals learn new skills using evidence-based practices and working with people of all ages and abilities, this certification is for you. RBT certification is valuable not only in terms of gaining a job, but it is also recognized by many states as a prerequisite for state-level license or certification.

RBT stands for Registered Behavior Technician.

An RBT provides treatment programs for patients like autistic children in clinical settings under the supervision of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA). As a behavior technician, you’ll collaborate with a BCBA to make the most significant adjustments for each patient.

An RBT certification certifies that you are allowed to deliver direct therapy to people with autism.

The prospect of taking the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) exam might be hard. However, if you pay attention during your 40-hour training course and choose a qualifying program that covers all of the necessary categories and skills, you should have no trouble passing the RBT exam. The RBT exam requires extensive study and time.

RBT earns an average annual salary of slightly under $34,000, or $16.31 per hour. The lowest ten percent of RBT salaries record hourly pay of $12.81, while the top ten percent claim hourly wages of nearly $21.

The RBT exam consists of 85 multiple-choice questions. The examination will take 90 minutes to complete.

Use flashcards or a practice test. Take a look at some of the materials you’ll need to study, such as the RBT Task List. Review all of the information while concentrating on the parts where you are having difficulty.

To take the exam, you must first create an account with the BACB Gateway. You will be guided through each step required to apply for the exam. You must provide evidence confirming your eligibility to take the exam, including your coursework certificate, and have your BCBA supervisor sign their attestations. The BACB demands a $50 deposit for the application at this time.

Only 20% of the total questions in the RBT exam can be missed. The scale for RBT exams is 0 to 250, with 200 being the passing result.

There are 85 multiple-choice questions on the exam, each with four options. The RBT Task List is used to create the exam questions. Additionally, most tests include up to ten pilot items that are not scored.

The RBT certificate must be renewed every year, according to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). Your certificate will expire one year from the day you passed the RBT exam or the date you last renewed your certificate.

Please sign in to your Pearson VUE account to see the possible venues for your specific exam. You’ll be able to see the venues that are available to deliver your exam as you progress through the scheduling procedure.

RBT health technicians, like most medical and healthcare professionals, usually wear scrubs. Scrubs are loose-fitting cotton shirts and slacks given by the hospital or facility where you work.

The usual cost of RBT online training is $35.

In the field of ABA, an RBT is a paraprofessional who works directly under the supervision of an RBT supervisor or an RBT requirements coordinator. RBTs assist in the delivery of ABA services to a wide range of clients, as well as activities such as data collection.

In order to effectively serve clients’ requirements, a trained certified behavioral technician must be able to adapt to various environments, client behaviors, and other variables.

Yes, RBT may work in schools as a team with teachers, counselors, school social workers, and other appropriate personnel to generate good student relationships that lead to appropriate and constructive behavior adjustments that help children succeed.

You will obtain your certification within a week if you passed the exam.

Using the correct study guides is the best approach to prepare for the RBT competency assessment. The study guide covers every question on the RBT Competency Assessment and is a wonderful method to prepare for it.

If you fail the exam for the first time, you can apply to retake it. The BACB will allow RBT applicants to take the exam eight times in a one-year authorization window starting in November 2020. You have seven days, or one week, following your prior exam to retake the exam.

The RBT Competency Assessment is one of the requirements to become an RBT. A board-certified expert administers the evaluation, which has a total of 20 activities to complete.

RBT test online and in-person training programs are available. Always ensure that a program has been certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board to meet the standards for becoming an RBT when choosing one.

You can retake the exam as many times as you like, but each one-year authorization term only allows you to make eight tries.

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