How to Pass the CNA Exam

CNA exam
CNA Exam

A CNA exam is a requirement that measures the skills of a nursing assistant. Enrolling in a nursing school or CNA programs poses many challenges. Even after you’ve completed your CNA classes, you still need to take a licensing test to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

Studying requires hard work but with the help of these tips, you’ll be able to breeze through your CNA course including your classes online, especially with the help of a CNA study guide. At the same time, you can also try this simple CNA exam to test your knowledge.

About the CNA Exam

The CNA evaluation program was established by the National Council of State Board of Nursing. Sometimes, the CNA test also refers to a Nurse Aide Assessment Exam. Technically, this test is the final step to assess and evaluate the skills of a nursing assistant.

You must pass this exam so that you can be qualified for assistant nursing jobs. During the exam, you will receive points based on your knowledge, skills, and abilities. These ensure that as a CNA, you are able to perform your duties and responsibilities safely and properly.

The test contains a written or oral section and a practical examination. To become a licensed nursing assistant, you need to successfully pass all of these categories to receive your certification. In the event that a nursing assistant fails one section and passed another, they can still retake the portion of the exam that they failed. This way, they won’t have to retake both sections.

Level of Difficulty

A lot of nurse aides are asking if the CNA exam is difficult. The truth is, if you don’t have the knowledge and skills required in a nursing assistant, then it can be difficult. This is why it is imperative for individuals to invest in their CNA education to help them build their understanding and develop their strengths.

The oral and written section of the exam usually consists of 70 questions. The number of questions actually vary depending on the state. What makes the test difficult for many is because they have no sufficient information about the exam.

Nursing assistants are highly recommended to take practice tests online. This allows them to test their personal knowledge and skills before the actual exam. Taking practice tests can help prepare you better for your licensure exam.

When it comes to the hands-on or practical section, a nursing assistant gets points based on five skill areas out of 25. However, the five skill tests are just randomly selected. The best way to pass the practical section is to study. Make sure you are prepared before you take the test.

Some individuals struggle in this area because they weren’t able to master all the 25 skills. If you are only competent in 15 skills, then you might have more difficulty passing the test, especially if you were randomly given the skill test of the skill you were unable to master. So, practice all skills because it may be the determining factor whether you pass or fail the test.

Nursing Assistant Licensing Exam

Nursing assistants are provided with all the information they need in their course materials in order to pass the exam. Students should learn to familiarize themselves with skills including measuring and recording the weight, blood pressure, pulse and other aspects when caring for patients.

It is important for individuals to learn and practice these skills along with other services such as using bedpans, measuring urine outputs, oral care, body positioning, and food service among many others. Once you’ve acquired a nursing assistant license exam, you’ll have more leverage to negotiate your nurse salary with your employer.

Study Tips

The best and most practical thing a nursing assistant can do to increase their chances of passing the exam is to ensure that they study well. Here are some study tips to help nursing aides prepare for their exam.

  • Craft a study plan. It is easier to map out a study plan rather than studying without a direction. Get a calendar to schedule the topics you need to review and list down the materials you will need.
  • Set aside a few hours each day to study. Don’t just study whenever you feel like it. Stick to your study plan.
  • Gather all the resources you can. Instead of using just one study guide, do some research and utilize as many as you can. Maximize all your tools and resources. This will help prepare you better.
  • Take practice tests. This type of exam will help determine what you’ve learned so far. So before you take the actual licensing exam, make sure you perfect your scores in practice tests first.

Remember that a CNA exam is extremely important if you want to pursue a career as a nursing assistant. Make sure you take advantage of all the materials you have because it will help you pass the CNA exam with flying colors.

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