How Can You Pass the CDL Test?

CDL Test
CDL Test

The trucking career is usually a popular option for people wanting to try something new. But to jumpstart this career path, you first have to obtain your commercial driver’s license (CDL). The process of this involves passing the CDL test of both written and actual or hands on examinations. One of the great things that comes with our advance technology is the easy access to information, such as online practice tests to almost anything you may need.

How to Pass the CDL Exam

Some of the reasons why a tractor-trailer truck driving career is desired is because it has decent pay, and of course the long distance driving allows for an adventure, you travel while working. Driving as a profession is as easy as a hobby, especially if you’ve gotten used to the whole process of transporting, unloading, and basically moving from one point to another. But for now, let’s focus on how to pass the CDL test.

1. Do your research

Your state can sometimes create a different procedure with the items that will be covered by the exam, so check everything before you plan on anything.      Download all available manuals from the State, and skim through so you get a nutshell of the whole examination. This is also the part where you should decide which class license you’ll be applying for. There are three CDL classes to choose from: Class A, Class B, and C.

2. Create a feasible timeline

The usual reason for a student being unable to pass the CDL test is the lack of preparation in terms of studying, processing papers, and actual or hands on training. Hence one key to pass your CDL test is to make a feasible timeline that you will strictly follow. From daily readings, to driving lessons, set a schedule so you don’t end up forgetting one part of the exam over the other.

3. Prepare your finances

To obtain a CDL license, you would need to shell out some money. Before going deeper into the actual reviewing process, make sure you’ve allocated your budget feasibly so that all your efforts will be focused more on reviewing rather than trying to raise money for the license.

4. Break down your studying

Now that you’ve sorted all the preliminary things, the actual study begins. Once you’ve decided on which class of CDL you’ll be getting, narrow down your study materials. Start by accessing online materials for the general knowledge test, and air brakes test.

These two will appear, no matter which license you choose to pursue. Of course since CDLs are generally for the trucking career, the combination vehicles test should also be given priority. Once you’ve gotten these general parts pinned down, check your downloaded manual and start reviewing for each section.

5. Study diligently

The good thing about studying for a CDL test is that the state usually supplies a manual that can serve as your reviewer. There are sections you are being asked to study and be familiar with. Most items will be familiar to those who have been driving for some time. It is generally a good idea to skim and read all its parts

If you are unfamiliar with a particular section, for example combination vehicles, then try to research more on areas you think you’re lacking knowledge of. Make reviewing a daily task, allotting at least 15 minutes of study time daily will create a repetitive rhythm to your body, and information is easily stored than cramming days before your exam.

In addition, if you’re eyeing a specific endorsement to add to your preferred license such as HazMat transporting, then study for that AFTER you’ve covered all the parts of the CDL Class you’re planning to take. This way your study pattern will be more organized, allowing your brain to easily categorize and not be overwhelmed. It also gauges your capacity, if you’re already having trouble with the general topics, then best to take the additional endorsement tests after you’ve secured your license.

6. Consider a training school

Assuming that you’re studying by yourself at home, then the next problem you’ll be faced with is how to get actual and hands on training with these big vehicles? That is why a training school is preferred by many as it provides all-in-one training.

Remember that to pass your CDL, you should pass both the written part and hands on part of the test. Hence, equal efforts should be given for both. If you do enroll in a program, take advantage of every opportunity to be exposed with the hands on training. This will make you familiar with driving big vehicles, lessening the nervousness most inexperienced test takers go through.

7. Breathe

Lastly, take the test as a measure of your progress and not your actual ability. Anyone can be better through constant practice and of course experience, so if you do take the test, do not be too uptight. Know that you can still improve, and do not be frustrated if you did not do so well with the hands on driving. Focus on your driving and not on the proctor’s eyes. Just do your thing, as long as you’ve studied and are passionate about being a professional driver, you’ll surely pass.

We hope this helps you on how to pass your CDL test. Be prepared, study, break down sections, enjoy the process, and you’ll have higher chances of passing it effortlessly. All things can be achieved with effort, so focus and you’ll get there.

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