Medical Administrative Assistant Certification

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The National Healthcareer Association offers a voucher to cover the cost of the CMAA exam. The exam is offered at NHA-affiliated schools, nationwide PSI testing centers, and through live remote proctoring.

It is important to use a study guide to prepare for the CMAA exam. A quality study guide will provide you with practice test questions and answer explanations.

Medical Administrative Assistant Jobs

If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in medical administration, you should know that there are two types of certifications available. The CMAA and the CCMA. Each offers a different type of skill set, but they both play an important role in the healthcare field. Choosing one or the other depends on your goals and where you want to end up.

Medical administrative assistants work in a wide variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and private practices. They are responsible for a lot of tasks, from scheduling appointments to ensuring that the proper test results arrive to the right people. To be successful, they need to have strong communication and organizational skills.

The CMAA exam covers a broad range of topics, from basic healthcare to facility operations and logistics. It includes sections on telehealth platforms, patient intake procedures, and the ability to verify identity and insurance information. It also tests knowledge of medical laws and workplace ethics. Lastly, it tests the CMAA’s ability to manage the revenue cycle in a medical facility.

Medical Administrative Assistant Training

Medical administrative assistants are skilled multi-taskers that direct patient flow within the office, allowing practices to operate efficiently and provide a positive experience for the patients. They have a broad range of duties including scheduling appointments, gathering demographic information, verifying insurance eligibility, and obtaining prior authorizations. This online program provides students with an in-demand skill set and the National Health career Association CMAA exam certification voucher.

The CMAA study guide covers the important concepts, procedures, and principles that the National Healthcareer Association expects students to understand before sitting for the exam. The guide is laid out in a logical way so that one section naturally follows the next. It includes sample questions and answers to help you practice.

To register for the CMAA exam, students must create an NHA account and choose their preferred test date. The NHA will then send an email confirmation with instructions for selecting the test site. The NHA exam is offered at NHA-affiliated schools, nationwide PSI testing centers, and through live remote proctoring. The fee to take the exam is $117.

Medical Administrative Assistant Schools

Medical administrative assistants perform a wide range of administrative and clerical duties at healthcare facilities. They interact with patients, communicate with healthcare professionals, and help manage the revenue cycle for their employer. The CMAA exam includes several domains, including general background information, interpersonal skills, basic healthcare terminology, coding and billing, and more. The CMAA exam also measures your ability to answer questions about medical laws and ethics.

The medical assistant certification can open doors in many career fields. It can be worth pursuing, especially for those who are recent high school graduates or looking to change careers. A CMAA certificate can lead to a lucrative job in a variety of healthcare settings, including doctors’ offices, hospitals, and clinics.

To begin preparing for the CMAA exam, students should enroll in an accredited Allied Health program. This will help them pass the exam with confidence. The curriculum will teach them the essential knowledge and skills for a successful career in medical administration. In addition, they will learn how to use the NHA’s test prep materials. These resources are best used together, because the curriculum provides students with a solid foundation of healthcare knowledge while the test prep materials help prepare them for the specific exam content.

Medical Administrative Assistant Programs

Students interested in pursuing careers as medical administrative assistants can find a wide range of programs available. These can be found in vocational schools, community colleges, and online. These programs typically provide thorough preparation in both the clinical and clerical fields of healthcare. They may also include general education classes that can be transferred to baccalaureate programs.

Medical administrative assistants are found in almost all professional medical offices. They are responsible for a variety of clerical tasks, including scheduling appointments and providing customer service. They should have excellent organizational skills and good communication skills.

The CMAA Exam consists of 135 questions that are administered in two hours and 15 minutes. The exam covers topics related to the administrative duties of a medical office, including the patient payment cycle and billing procedures. The CMAA exam also covers basic science and foundational knowledge of healthcare concepts.

Online courses allow students to study for their career in a flexible format that fits into their busy schedules. Students will have access to dedicated instructors and an online student success coach to help them prepare for the career they desire.

CMAA Healthcare

The CMAA exam is one of the most prominent industry certifications in medical assisting. It is a national certification that displays your ability to perform administrative tasks in a physicians’ office or clinic to keep it running efficiently. There are several requirements to qualify for the CMAA exam, including successful completion of a medical assistant program and having at least one year of experience working as a medical secretary.

The main difference between the CCMA and CMAA exams is that a CCMA will focus more on clinical knowledge/skills, while a CMAA will go into greater depth on administrative skills. However, both are good choices for anyone interested in a career in healthcare.

To pass the CMAA exam, you need to have strong organizational and detail-oriented skills, as well as an excellent understanding of medical terminology. It is also important to study hard and practice with a full-length practice test to make sure you are ready to take the real exam. Remember to use the bathroom before the test and bring water with you, as this will help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

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CMAA Salary

The Salary of a Medical Administrative Assistant depends on a variety of factors, including education, experience, location, and the type of company. In general, CMAs earn more than non-CMAs. However, the exact salary will depend on several factors, such as the type of job and bonus structure. For example, a CMA working as a controller in a large corporation may receive a higher base salary than a CMA working in a small business.

In addition to the increased earning potential, a CMA also enjoys more varied career opportunities. The unique skills gained from the CMA exam give them the ability to work across different departments, which can lead to more opportunities and promotion. In fact, 79% of CMAs agree that their career advancement is enhanced by the CMA certification.

The CMA is a valuable asset in any industry, and many companies will be willing to pay you a premium for this additional skill set. Moreover, the CMA is an internationally recognized designation, which can open doors in other countries and at larger international businesses.


The CMAA exam is an important test for anyone who wants to work in the medical field. It is an objective assessment of a person’s requisite foundational knowledge and skills, and it can have a big impact on the career path he or she chooses to follow. It is critical to prepare properly for the CMAA exam.

The exam is administered by PSI Services, which is a leader in high-stakes testing. Those who wish to take the exam must register with PSI through their NHA account, agree to the attestation statement, and select an available testing date. Testers must present valid identification and two No. 2 pencils on the day of the test.

The CMAA exam can be taken at any PSI center or online. The exam is 110 questions long, and candidates are given two hours and fifteen minutes to complete it. To maximize their study time, students should make a schedule and remove distractions. They should also identify areas that they are weak in and allocate extra time to them.

CMAA Practice Test

When you are ready to take your CMAA exam, it is important to have the right materials. You need a government-issued form of identification and scratch paper for the test. You may also need to bring a pen and pencil. Make sure that you have these items before you arrive at the testing center, as you will not be allowed to enter without them.

The CMAA practice tests offered by Varsity Tutors are an excellent way to prepare for the actual exam. They not only provide students with a thorough review of the material, but they also help them learn how to study effectively. The tests are easy to access, and you can take them at a time that is convenient for you.

In addition to assessing your performance, the CMAA practice test provides you with a number of detailed explanations that simplify difficult concepts and give you insight into how to reach the correct answers. You can use these explanations to identify your strengths and weaknesses, which will help you tailor your study plan accordingly.

CMAA Questions and Answers

     The Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) designation indicates an excellent level of skill and expertise in medical administrative activities and responsibilities. Individuals working in administrative roles in healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, medical offices, or other healthcare facilities are most likely to obtain it.

You can become a medical administrative assistant by fulfilling the following general steps:

  • Earn a degree
  • Gain relevant skills and knowledge
  • Consider certification
  • Obtain hands-on experience
  • Improve your resume and apply for jobs
  • Prepared for your interviews
  • Professional development and continuous learning

     Individuals who obtain the CMAA certification exhibit their commitment to professionalism and skill in medical administrative activities. It has the potential to improve employment opportunities and career advancement in the healthcare sector.

     Medical assistants who pass the exam are awarded the CMAA certificate by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

     An opening task for an administrative medical assistant typically involves preparing the medical office or facility for the day ahead. Here are some examples of common opening tasks:

  • On-time arrival.
  • Unlocking and securing the building
  • Checking voicemail and email
  • Setting up workstations and equipment
  • Preparing the reception area
  • Reviewing the appointment schedule
  • Examining patient records and charts

CMAA stands for Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

     The difficulty level is subjective because it depends on the individual’s familiarity with the subject matter and ability to apply their knowledge to real-world settings. Those with a solid medical administration foundation and who have carefully prepared for the exam have a greater chance of success.

The CMAA exam comprises of 110 multiple-choice questions and 20 pretest items.

     In the United States, the average hourly income for a Certified Medical Assistant is $19, but the salary range often falls between $17 and $20.

     The average Certified Medical Assistant salary in the United States is $39,338 with a salary range of $36,324 to $42,505. Salary ranges can vary greatly depending on several factors including education, certifications, supplementary abilities, and the number of years you have worked in your field.

Follow these general steps to earn the CMAA (Certified Medical Administrative Assistant) certification:

  • Check eligibility requirements
  • Get ready for the exam
  • Consider exam preparation resources
  • Follow the registration process, which may include submitting an application, providing eligibility documentation, and paying the exam fee.
  • Schedule the exam
  • Take the examination
  • If you pass the exam, you will receive your CMAA certification.

     A Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) works in healthcare settings to maintain the seamless administration of medical offices, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. A CMAA’s particular responsibilities vary depending on the company and the size of the facility, but they commonly perform the following duties:

  • Patient reception and communication
  • Coordination and scheduling of appointments
  • Medical records management
  • Insurance and billing assistance
  • Administrative support
  • Communication and coordination with healthcare professionals
  • Documentation and compliance
  • Financial transactions
  • Office management

     The results of the CMAA exam are weighted. Your raw score (the number of right answers) is transformed into a scaled value. Scaled scores vary from 200 to 500, with 390 being the minimum passing score.

     The CMAA certification can open doors to administrative positions in medical offices, clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare settings such as:

  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Medical Office Coordinator
  • Receptionist in the Medical Field
  • Patient Services Representative
  • Admissions Coordinator

     Yes, medical administrative assistants have the potential to work from home in certain situations. However, it is important to remember that the ability to work remotely as a medical administrative assistant may be based on a variety of factors, including the healthcare organization’s policies and practices, the nature of the job responsibilities, and the availability of technology and communication tools.

     There is no standard regulation since each clinic or hospital has its own dress code. Some organizations require all employees to wear scrubs, while others just require scrubs for those who work directly with patients.

     The length of time it takes to become a medical administrative assistant can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Certificate/Diploma Program: These programs typically range from 6 months to 1 year in duration, depending on the institution and the specific curriculum.
  • Associate Degree Program: These programs typically take around 2 years to complete and provide a more comprehensive education, including general education courses in addition to specialized coursework in medical office administration.

     On-the-job training can last several weeks to several months and may include learning on the job while being guided and supervised by experienced medical administrative professionals.

     In California, the average annual compensation for a medical administrative assistant is approximately $46,140.

The average Medical Administrative Assistant salary in Texas is $42,400.

     The average Medical Administrative Assistant salary in Florida is $41,000, with a typical range of $37,000 to $45,800.

     Individuals who are interested in the healthcare profession and have strong organizational and communication skills may find that being a medical administrative assistant is a good career choice. Job Growth, Entry-Level Opportunities, a Variety of Work Environments, and Career Advancement Opportunities are some elements to consider when considering whether a career as a medical administrative assistant is a good fit for you.

     No, a medical administrative assistant is not the same as a medical assistant. While there may be some overlap in specific responsibilities, such as patient registration or office administration, the primary focus of a medical administrative assistant is on administrative operations, whereas a medical assistant has a broader scope that encompasses both administrative and clinical duties.

     Medical administrative assistants have a range responsibilities that focus on the administrative aspects of healthcare. These duties may vary depending on the specific healthcare setting and the needs of the organization. Here are some common duties performed by medical administrative assistants:

  • Managing appointment schedules for patients, coordinating with healthcare providers, and ensuring efficient use of time slots.
  • Greeting patients, collecting and verifying patient information, entering data into electronic health records (EHRs), and ensuring accuracy and completeness of patient records.
  • Maintaining and organizing patient records, including updating information, filing documents, and ensuring compliance with confidentiality and privacy regulations.

     Individuals with a degree or certification in medical administrative assisting can pursue a variety of employment prospects in the healthcare business. Individuals with a medical administrative assistant degree may pursue the following job paths:

  • Working as a medical administrative assistant or medical secretary in a healthcare facility, such as a hospital, clinic, medical office, or outpatient center, is the most direct professional path.
  • Individuals with more experience and advanced talents may rise to roles such as medical office manager or coordinator.
  • Some medical administrative assistants with degrees may choose to work as patient services representatives, where they focus on providing outstanding customer service to patients.

Here are some common dress code guidelines for medical administrative assistants:

  • Many healthcare organizations require medical administrative assistants to dress in professional business attire. This typically includes clothing such as tailored slacks or skirts, dress shirts or blouses, blazers or jackets, and closed-toe shoes.
  • Some healthcare settings may have a more relaxed dress code that allows for business casual attire. This can include items such as dress pants or khakis, collared shirts or blouses, sweaters, and dress shoes or loafers. It’s important to ensure that the clothing is still neat, clean, and presentable.
  • In certain healthcare organizations, medical administrative assistants may be required to wear uniforms provided by the employer. These uniforms can vary in style and may consist of matching tops and bottoms or dresses. The uniforms may be specific to the organization and could include the company logo or identification.

     Clinical medical assistants work directly with patients, offering assistance and ensuring that their clinical needs are addressed. While Administrative medical assistants are responsible for keeping a medical office or healthcare institution running effectively. They focus on the administrative and clerical parts of healthcare operations.

Here are some examples of when a medical administrative assistant may make arrangements:

  • When a patient requires a referral to a specialist or needs to schedule an appointment with an outside healthcare provider, the medical administrative assistant may assist in coordinating the necessary arrangements.
  • In a healthcare setting, medical administrative assistants may be involved in arranging the usage of specific facilities or equipment.
  • Medical administrative assistants may help with meeting and conference arrangements within the healthcare facility.

     Here are some common scenarios in which a medical administrative assistant may be responsible for transmitting medical records:

  • Transfer of Care
  • Release of Information Requests
  • Consultations or Second Opinions
  • Legal or Insurance Purposes

     Medical administrative assistants can work in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, medical offices, clinics, outpatient centers, urgent care centers, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, specialty clinics, home healthcare agencies, insurance companies, and government healthcare agencies.

     When compared to medical administrative assistants, medical assistants frequently have significantly higher income potential. This is mainly due to the fact that medical assistants often have both clinical and administrative responsibilities, which can result in increased job demands and a broader skill set.

     Associate degree programs in medical administration or medical office administration typically last two years.