There are two main ways you can take the ASVAB test: Paper-and-Pencil ASVAB and

the CAT-ASVAB. But, there is actually another way to take the military placement test. It is the PiCAT test.

What is the PiCAT?

The Pending Internet Computerized Adaptive Test or PiCAT ASVAB is  used by recruiters to determine whether an applicant has the necessary qualifications to get into the military. If they do, then they are sent to the MEPS, which stands for military entrance processing stations  or military entrance test locations.  

It is an un-proctored examination that is a full version of the ASVAB. It doesn’t have a time limit, and you can take this test on any computer. Furthermore, the only ones who can take the PiCAT are individuals who have never taken the ASVAB.

How does the ASVAB PiCAT work?

For you to be able to take the PiCAT, you need to know the process first.

  1. Your recruiter shall provide you with instructions on how to take the test. You’ll then be given an access code that is valid for 30 days. The recruiter has to contact the local Site Security Manager (SSM) to ask for the instructions and to gain access to the “Authorization and Reporting” application. They’ll use the application to register applicants and to know their scores.
  2. After getting the instructions and access code, the next thing you’ll have to do is log in to PiCAT. You have 48 hours to complete the exam.
  3. You will then be required to take a 25 to 30 minute proctored verification test (Vtest). It will confirm and validate your PiCAT test scores, which will be used as your official ASVAB score of record. You will be given 30 days to take the Vtest. You can take it at a MET site or MEPS. Also, take note that if your PiCAT scores are not verified or if you do not pass the Vtest, you will take a full-length ASVAB. The resulting score will then be your score of record.

What is a good PiCAT score?

Your PiCAT scores can be considered your score of record if you pass the Vtest. This will mean that the PiCAT score chart is similar to that of the ASVAB scores. That’s why, if you want to get a good PiCAT score, you need to know the minimum required score for your preferred military branch. You can search for the Army PiCAT or Navy PiCAT scores, for example.

How can you get a good PiCAT score?

The best thing that you’ll have to do is to take PiCAT practice tests, be it for the Army PiCAT test or the Navy PiCAT test. It will surely help you prepare for the exam. The ASVAB program can be difficult to pass for those who aren’t ready for it. So, it is better to give it your best shot so you won’t have to take the full-length ASVAB.

You can also search online that can help you more about the test like “PiCAT army test”, “Practice PiCAT test free”, “PiCAT test answers” or “PiCAT test questions”.

💭 ASVAB Questions

What is the difference between PiCAT and APT?

The PiCAT and the APT or AFQT Predictor Test is mostly similar when it comes to registration. But they can be different in a lot of things. The APT test is shorter in comparison to the PiCAT because it consists of 20 questions. It can also be taken multiple times, and it has no time limit. Also, your score on the APT won’t influence your capability to take the PiCAT or ASVAB.

Can I choose which military branch after I take the ASVAB?

Yes, you can. Both the full-length ASVAB and the PiCAT ASVAB help figure out which military position you are suited for. If you want to get your desired job, you can ask your local recruiter about the list of jobs and the scores needed to apply for them. You should take PiCAT study guides to help you get the required scores to get enlisted.  

Can you take the ASVAB online? 

Yes. You can take the CAT ASVAB or the PiCAT. The former is proctored while the latter is un-proctored. The PiCAT is considered as convenient for a lot of local recruiters because applicants can just take the exam anywhere that they want. The recruiters can also just check their scores using the “Authorization and Reporting” application.    

What are some ideas for questions to ask a military recruiter?

If you are curious about joining the military, the person you can ask is a recruiter. You can ask them questions such as “Why you should join the Army?”; “How long is the training”; “Will I ever be deployed?”;  and “How much will I be paid?” among others.

What do you need for air force public affairs ASVAB score?

You must score 107 on the general technical (GT) part of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test to be qualified to serve as an Army Public Affairs Specialist.

Is there a minimum corpsman navy ASVAB score?

These tests assess both verbal and numerical abilities. Your fundamental eligibility to join the armed forces will be determined by your performance on this test. To become a Navy corpsman, you must have a score of 35 or higher.

What are the best ASVAB study material?

These are the best ASVAB books with the highest ratings that have lasted the test of time. There’s no way to go wrong with any of these choices. We propose the best ASVAB study guide such as ASVAB Boot Camp, Kaplan ASVAB Prep, ASVAB for Dummies and McGraw-Hill’s ASVAB.

If you take the ASVAB do you have to join military?

Although taking the ASVAB does not obligate you to anything, you may be contacted by a military recruiter. Even if you have no plans to join the military or are unsure, the ASVAB can help you figure out your own interests and abilities.

Can you do retaking the ASVAB while in the military?

You are not eligible to retake the ASVAB test while on active duty in the military. The ASVAB is used for recruitment, and your ASVAB score is meant to represent your score for the duration of your military service.